Why Should You Use Neon Green Worms For Fishing?

Live worms are a terrific option for fresh-water anglers. There are varying classes of worms you can utilize for fishing or angling. So, why should you select glowing, neon-green worms for fishing? 

Neon-green worms draw more attention from fish because of their bright color and high nutritional value. They are particularly noticeable in deeper, darker water. And their constant, natural, movement is very convenient to grab the fish’s attention. These factors make them so effective as bait. 

So, today, we want to give an overview of the advantages of using these colorful wrigglers and how to use them. We will provide a list of the diverse classes of fish you will be able to catch with them.  Additionally, we will explain the whole process of making such interesting baits so that you get a better idea. 

Are Neon Green Worms Good For Fishing? 

They possess a few significant advantages over plastic lures and baits. The first thing that stands out is their bright, glow-in-the-dark, color and nutrition-filled constitution. This establishes them as a very alluring prospect to the fish. 

Fresh and healthy worms entice fishes easily with their pungent body scent. When they see a green crawler, they get excited and cannot restrain themselves from taking a nibble. That is where they fall for the trap and become the anglers’ prey with ease. Even a beginner can land a bite with these baits without any hassle. 

Anglers use a whole assortment of lures like wrigglers, leeches, minnows, crayfish, crickets, and grasshoppers. Among these, the Canadian nightcrawlers stand out for their robust body structure. These are a variant of earthworms. Adding the bright, eye-catching color works as a plus point for the anglers. 

Generally, your ideal choice for fresh bait will be Canadian nightcrawlers. They are obtainable in pretty much any shop that sells fishing equipment. Different companies will sell them under different names. The alternative is to buy the crawlers and then cultivate them yourself.  

In North America, nightcrawlers have been used as active angling bait for years. The thing that establishes these baits as very unique is that anglers can use them for many fish species. 

These worms pose no harm to the fish and the human body. Since they are cultivated in an organic environment, they are a very healthy and safe food source. 

Furthermore, live baits are cheaper compared to their artificial counterparts. If you misplace synthetic lures and baits, the cost can quickly stack up. So, this is a budget-friendly alternative. 

Why Do Neon Green Worms Work For Fishing? 

There are a few factors that make live worms so enticing to the fish. Their movement is a highlight. They wiggle and twist around which makes them easy to detect. They also put off good scents because of their diets, and taste good to fish. They are robust and nutrition-packed, which they become irresistible to clear water fish. 

Secondly, their glowing color gives them more visibility and that stand out from other deep-water foods. The fantastic aspect is that they radiate even in very deep water and draw in targets. 

Another highly beneficial trait of these earthworms is their sustainability. You may preserve them for an extended period when kept at a suitable temperature (between 36-39 degrees F). If you wish to maintain them for over 15 days, it is ideal to contain them inside a fridge. If you want to retain their freshness and vibrancy, put them in a shady, cool, and humid condition. 

They are known to possess a strong stench. The smell may repel some people, but fish go crazy because of it. Mainly for the scent and glowing color, as soon you cast your hook in the water, you are sure to catch the most excited clearwater fish. 

It is because of these reasons, so many anglers use green worms regularly and have been successful. 

What Fish Can You Catch With Neon Green Worms? 

What Fish Can You Catch With Neon Green Worms

Now, let’s discuss the various kinds you can haul in by utilizing these particular worms. Live, glowing baits are particularly useful in capturing gamefish. The ideal choice for this would be Canadian Nightcrawler or Earthworm. 

A large variety of fish will go for a glowing, green worm. Here is a short list of highlighting some of them:  

  • Striped Bass 
  • Grass Carp 
  • Rock Bass 
  • Trout 
  • Catfish 
  • Sunfish 
  • Yellow Perch 
  • Panfish 
  • Bluegills 
  • Northern Pike 

Now, these are some of the notable species you may capture but certainly not all of them. If you are hunting in freshwater, you will probably land your target with these baits. 

Canadian nightcrawlers are much chubbier than the majority of worms available. These little critters are rich in protein and nutrients. Hence, they become an alluring prospect for a lot of water dwellers. Additionally, these crawlers are constantly wriggling and twisting, allowing the fish to spot them easily. Because this sort of movement is noticeable to the fish eye. 

European wrigglers are giant, vigorous mud dwellers. In the majority of cases, these two varieties are interchangeable. However, you should restrain from using the entire thing for smaller targets as they are so big.  

For catching things like trout or perch, it is better to chop them into more manageable bits. This will be beneficial in several ways. First, it is going to save you a lot of money. It will also allow you to cast further and smoother. Plus, you are turning the bait more appetizing and convenient. 

What You Will Not Be Capturing with Worms 

The larger and bulkier variety of trout has more affinity for plastic imitations than real ones. I have found this to be true firsthand. Another group that does not care about live baits is the common carp. They favor bugs and eggs but will ignore live worms.   

How Do You Make Neon Green Worms? 

These crawlers are not the result of evolution. Their color is artificially cultivated. When you strip them of their dazzling hue, they are just your typical, garden variety earthworms. Then the question becomes, how do you turn these earth dwellers into alluring fish bait? 

They usually reside in agricultural soils and gardens. They will also nest in the woods and or the meadows. They prefer the cooler temperature of the nighttime. That is the time they rise above the surface level for food or to breed. Hence, they are named nightcrawlers 

Initially, you need to prepare an appropriate nesting ground or “bedding” for them. This bedding consists of peat moss, potting soil, and torn-up paper. Then you add a non-toxic, nutritional substance that is combined with a special type of dye.  

When the crawlers feed, they swallow the dye as well. The dye then mixes with the blood and courses through the entire body. Finally, the dye reaches the outer layers of their skin and is subsequently absorbed. And this is how you get neon-green worms for capturing fish. 

Now, the dye must be harmless to the worm, to you, and to the fish. If fish smell that something is suspicious, then they will simply not bite. So, employing safe and non-toxic material is a top priority. 

How long the colored coating remains relies upon the quality of the stain utilized. Alteration in their burrows or not supplying them with enough food can reduce the duration of the color. Usually, the pigment persists for 2-3 weeks and sometimes more. But dying them from the outside has a much shorter duration. 

An important point of note, you should refrain from adding traditional food dyes. Because these contain petroleum and the petroleum blocks off the pores on the skin. This can have a negative effect and even end up killing them. Plus, baits seasoned with petroleum are not at all appealing to the fish. 

How to Setup Your Live Bait 

First, select an appropriate hook. The plain and simple J-hook will complete the task perfectly. However, for catfish or carp, I suggest using a circular hook. 

Join the fishing line with the hook with a knot that you prefer. It does not need to be fancy but must be secure. Then grab a worm and pierce it with the hook multiple times. Keep the tail and the head intact. The holes will let out more aroma. 

Then you will attach some extra weight so that the bait sinks in the water. It will also improve your casting distance. A basic split-shot lead weight will do the trick. Additionally, you can suspend a bobber 3-4 inches above the bait. The bobber will help you track the movement under the water. Now, just pull back and cast your rod. 

Neon green worms are a fun and effective tool for catching fish. They offer unique advantages and pose their challenges. So, using them for the first time is a new and different experience. If you are looking for a new way of fishing, then try these little critters.