Why Aquarium Snail Not Coming Out of Shell?

Snails are very sensitive and not coming out of shell when they are under stress, in new water conditions, inadequate water PH, temperature and in a new environment.

Snails do not adapt easily to any environment. They need time to adjust and acclimatize. This is the most common reason why aquarium snail not coming out of shell.

Now let’s discuss in detail why mystery snails are not coming out of shells.

Why Aquarium Snail Not Coming Out of Shell

Why Aquarium Snail Not Coming Out of Shell

Aquarium snails are not coming out of their shells for many reasons. These are given below:


Snails need time to adjust to a new environment. Give time for them to snail and allow them to hibernate naturally.


When snails are starved, they don’t move or come out of their shell.

Adaptation to a New Tank

Snails take three days to adjust to a new tank’s condition. If you buy a new aquarium and realize it is not moving or coming out of the shell, perhaps it is still adapting to the new environment

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures are one of the main reasons aquarium snails are not coming out of their shells.

Snail Is Sick or Injured

When the snail is sick or injured, it does come out of its shell.

Mystery Snail Not Coming Out of Shell

A Mystery snail does not come out of its shell when the environment is not suited to them. They are avoid to come out of its shell when the environment is warm and moist.

They are not coming out of their shells to protect themselves from danger.

If a snail is disturbed in its shell, it will first disappear inside it and stay there until it feels safe to come out again.

Giant African Land Snail Not Coming Out of the Shell

Giant African land snails easily hibernate in low temperatures. When the temperature is low and the weather condition isn’t suited to them, they stay in their shell.

Giant African land snails are not coming out of their shell for their safety.

Garden Snail Not Coming Out of Its Shell

Garden snails are one of the cheapest pets. The garden sail is not coming out of its shell for a number of reasons. The cold weather and lack of humidity make them ill.

Mystery Snail Not Responding to Touch

Sometimes mysterious snails don’t respond to touch. When not responding, you need to transfer it into a small, clean container of fresh water.

There are many reasons behind the mystery snail not responding to touch.

When they are stressed, they are usually secondary to aggressive tank mates and inappropriate water conditions, including elevated ammonia and inadequate water Ph.

When a mysterious snail is sleeping, they don’t respond to touch, especially after mealtime.

How to Get a Snail to Come Out of Its Shell?

The mystery snail feels shocked when they face a new environment. A new environment and new materials make them shocked.

So we need to ensure that Dechlorinate the water to remove traces of copper and other heavy metals and also acclimate your snails before adding them into the tank to minimize shock that could result in their death.

Generally, snails don’t love to come out of their shells. But sometimes, we need to get a snail to come out of its shell.

We need to go shell opening and pull on the snail’s body to come out. If you cannot easily come out of the snail, you need to drill into the upper portion of the shell.

We need to drill to make a small hole that helps break the snail’s suction to its shell.

Why Is My Mystery Snail Out of It’s Shell?

Mystery snails come out of their shells to search for food and reproduce. Some reasons why they are coming out are given below:

Environmental Conditions

Sometimes snails do not adjust to the shell environment conditions; that’s why they come out. Snails come out to avoid freezing or drying out.

Some snails hibernate during cold winter months or droughts, slowing their heart rate and sealing their shells with mucus; that’s why they come out of their shells for their safety.

Search for Food

Snails come out of their shells to search for food.

Mating Rituals

 Some snails come out of their shells for their reproduction.

Aquarium Snail Not Coming Out of Shell

Mystery Snail Shell Problems

If you notice something on your mystery snail’s shell, it could be experiencing a mystery snail shell problem.

Shell Problems are a sign of poor health for the snail. The shell looks thin and like it’s peeling.

Lack of Calcium

High rates of calcium are essential for young mystery snails. Due to a lack of calcium, the shells of the mystery snails degrade and eventually crack.

Acidic Water

High rates of acidic water create problems for the shell, and the snail could impact their ability to produce and resist infection.

Lack of Food and Lower Temperatures

Lack of food and lower temperatures reduce the development of the shell.

Accidents and Injuries

If you open your aquarium, the snail tries to leave the tank or aquarium. At this time, the snail could face an accident.

How to Tell if an Aquarium Snail is Dead?

It is not easy to judge whether a snail is dead or asleep. To find the dead snail, you need to choose some path. These are:

  • Smell the shell of snails
  • Check for obvious causes of death
  • Carefully pull on the trapdoor of the snail
  • Move the snail to a new environment
  • Check if the snail retracts
  • Take A Closer Look

Smell the Shell of Snails

This is the easy way to find the dead snail. You must take out the aquarium snail and smell the shell.

The dead snail decays quickly and produces ammonia, which has a pungent and intense smell. When you don’t find any specific smell, your snails are alive.

Check for Obvious Causes of Death

This method is simple; you need to check for all obvious causes or signs of death.

When you see that the snail’s body is outside of the shell or the body is hanging out of the water without moving, the snail is most likely to die.

The aquarium snail’s body will narrow when the snail dies, making the shell look dull. If the snail’s descent holds on to its shell, that means the snail could fall out of it.

Carefully Pull on the Trapdoor of the Snail

There are other ways to check whether your snail is dead or alive. You can look carefully at the trapdoor of the snail.

If the trapdoor closes, your snail is alive. On the other hand, if the trapdoor opens, your snail is dead.

Move the Snail to a New Environment

In this method, you move your snails to a new environment. The new environment could make the snail curious and make it want to explore.

Check If the Snail Retracts 

When a snail is crawling around, it is obviously not dead. If you see that your snail is out of the shell and not moving, it can be dead.

Some Brave snails could remain outside the shell, you can touch the belly, and it should cause a reflex. 

Take a Closer Look

You can check your snails closely. You can touch the snail’s body, and it could be alive if it moves.