Where Can I Go Fishing?

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the US. That shouldn’t come as a big surprise, considering that the United States is home to numerous rivers, lakes, and ocean-front areas. If you’re planning your first fishing trip, you’re probably wondering where I can go fishing.

The best fishing spots in America are found in places like Florida, Montana, California, Colorado, North Carolina, and many more. There are countless fishing opportunities across the United States, so get your fishing gear ready and start planning your next fishing trip. 

In this article, we’ll share some of our favorite fishing destinations across the United States that you should know about. These locations provide unforgettable fish fishing experiences, and some of them are also tourist attractions. 

What Is the Best Place to Go Fishing?

The United States offers countless fishing opportunities in state parks. If you’d traveled across states and asked local fishermen what the best place to go fishing is, you’d get thousand different answers. 

Depending on your fishing style and the type of fish you prefer to catch, there are many best places to go fishing in the US. Before heading out on the water, don’t forget to research local fishing rules and regulations and bring a valid fishing license. 

10 Best Fishing Spots in the US

Best Fishing Spots in the US

America’s landscape is full of lakes, rivers, streams, and ocean-front areas, which are teeming with fish wildlife and are home to many fish species. Some fisheries offer more than others, so be prepared to pay a fishing fee for the opportunity to fish there. 

Wondering where to fish? Following are the top 10 best places to fish in the US:

1. Florida Keys, Florida

The Florida Keys is a world-class fishing destination that offers ample fishing opportunities for freshwater and saltwater fishing. 

Backcountry waters between the Keys and Florida’s mainland are a go-to location if you’re hoping to catch permit, redfish, snook, tarpon, or bonefish. 

However, the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean are the reason why so many anglers are drawn to the Keys. Charter a fish boat and try catching swordfish, sailfish, or blue and white marlin. 

2. Colorado River, Colorado

The 1,450 miles long Colorado River flows through several states, including Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Mexico, and Arizona. However, this river offers some of the best fishing spots near its beginning in the Rocky Mountains. 

In June, the upper Colorado River is great for trout fishing because salmon fly hatches and attract big trout near the surface.

3. Lake Tahoe, California

The largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe offers a fantastic fishing experience. The lake’s crystal blue waters are teeming with rainbow trout, brown trout, Kokanee salmon, and mackinaw during the warm summer months.

4. Thousand Islands, New York

Upstate New York is home to over 1,800 tiny islands and an array of freshwater fish. Mild summer days are an excellent time to spend a day on the water catching salmon, walleye, northern pike, bass, and muskellunge. 

5. Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

The Chesapeake Bay is one of the best fishing spots on the east coast. Its brackish water is home to striped bass, bluefish, drum, flounder, croaker, and speckled trout. Chesapeake Bay is one of the greatest fisheries in the US and offers many opportunities for recreational fishers.

6. Lake St. Clair, Michigan

The freshwater Lake St. Clair is best known for bordering Detroit and being home to a flourishing supply of game fish. Although it can’t compete in size with the surrounding Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair is responsible for more than half of all recreational fishing in the area. 

Together with walleye, crappie, and perch, millions of smallmouth bass call this lake home and make it a popular fishing destination. 

7. Bighorn River, Montana

Bighorn River is a paradise for fly fishing. The access to the river is limited, as much of it flows through the Crow Tribal Lands and private property, but you can always cast a line in public fishing spots. Bighorn River has strict limits on catches to preserve fish populations. 

8. Lake Austin, Texas

Lake Austin is a water reservoir on the Colorado River and home to a large population of largemouth bass, some of which have the potential for a trophy. Besides largemouth bass, anglers can also catch carp, bluegill, catfish, and white crappie in the lake’s waters. 

9. Kona, Hawaii

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, pack up your fishing gear and visit the island’s largest fishing destination. Kona is a fantastic deep-sea fishing location and is a great place to catch tuna or mahi-mahi.

10. Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a fishermen’s paradise. Whether you prefer fly fishing, brackish fishing, pier fishing, or offshore or inshore charter fishing, Outer Banks has it all. Surf bluefish, drum, striped bass, pompano, and flounder are the most commonly caught fish in the Outer Banks.

Useful Fishing Tips for Beginners

Have you recently discovered everything saltwater or freshwater fishing has to offer? If you’re new to fishing, here are some essential fishing tips all anglers need to know about: 

  • Buy fishing gear that is sized appropriately for the fish you’re trying to catch
  • Match the lure with the watercolor
  • Use lure shapes and sizes that match the hatch 
  • Dawn and dusk are the best times to go fishing
  • Keep an eye on tides and currents


The US offers limitless sports fishing opportunities with countless lakes, rivers, streams, and ocean-front areas. The best fishing spots in the US stand out because they attract thousands of anglers every year. 

Some fishing destinations offer more than others. If you’re looking for high catches, diversity, and gorgeous scenery, start packing your fishing gear and planning a fishing trip to one of the best fisheries in the US.