Where Are Lew’s Fishing Reels Made?

Lew’s is one of the most popular brands of fishing gear worldwide. The company’s fishing reels and rods are best known for their remarkable quality, design, and practicality.

But, where are Lew’s fishing reels made? Lew’s fishing reels are manufactured by Dawon and Doyo, an engendering company with headquarters in China and Korea. The bulk of Lew’s production takes place in Asian countries. Some higher-end Lew’s speed spool reels are assembled in the USA from parts produced in Chinese or Korean factories.  

Keep reading to learn more about this fishing brand’s history and different types of Lew’s fishing reels. 

Is Lew’s a Good Brand?

Lew is a well-established and reputable fishing gear brand known for producing high-quality fishing rods and reels. Since its founding days, this company has maintained the quality of the products it delivers and continuous innovation. 

Lew’s manufactures a diverse range of products suitable for professional anglers and beginners alike. Throughout the years, Lew’s introduced many innovations in the world of fishing, including graphite Speed Sticks, aluminum oxide guides, and Fuji V frame guides. 

This brand has made many advances in the fishing industry that have had a significant impact on recreational fishing. Lew’s is one of the best brands in the fishing industry. It keeps on providing its customers with quality and innovative fishing products and accessories. 

Lew’s Fishing Reels History and Origin

Lew’s Fishing Reels History and Origin

Before founding Lew’s Fishing in 1949, Lew Childre owned a small tackle store that sold baits and rods to local customers. 

One day, while selling a bamboo stick to a customer, Lew was saddened by the inconsistency of bamboo poles. At that moment, Lew decided to build a better bamboo fishing rod than any other manufacturer.

Lew began building rods with homegrown bamboo and soon manufactured a superior product. The problem was that the U.S. bamboo sources were limited, making Lew’s bamboo rods more expensive than the competition. 

Lew’s desire to make superior bamboo rods took him to Japan. There he partnered with local businessmen interested in fishing and the U.S. market. 

Among these businessmen was a company named Fuji, which specialized in producing fishing rod components that were unseen by U.S fishermen. 

Lew’s name became synonymous with premium-quality bamboo poles. But Lew was also interested in what was going on with new fishing rod materials and concepts. 

Recognizing the advantages of lighter and more sensitive graphite, which was new to the market, Lew constructed his signature Speed Stick.

By 1973, Lew expanded his business to the world of reels, introducing Lew’s Speed Spool baitcaster. The new, teardrop-shaped reel looked strange when compared to round reels of that time. But it outperformed every other reel on the water, cementing Lew’s name in the fishing industry. 

Lew’s Fishing was acquired by BDT Capital Partners in 2019 and is located in Springfield, Missouri. 

Lew’s Reel Range

Lew’s fishing brand produces different types of fishing rods and reels suitable for beginners and professional anglers. Here are the different kinds of fishing reels manufactured by Lew’s company for different styles of fishing:

Casting Reels

Casting reels, also known as baitcasting reels, are mounted on the top of the rod, so the spool is parallel to the rod. The most popular Lew’s casting reels are:

Spinning Reels

Lew’s Fishing Company produces different models of spinning reels that combine power and speed. Whether you’re looking for a freshwater or saltwater spinning reel, check out what Lew’s has to offer:

Spincast Reels 

Also known as a closed-face reel, a spincast reel is mounted on a casting rod and has a cover that protects the spool and fishing line. Lew’s Fishing produces the following models of spincast reels:

Underspin Reels

Underspin reels are easier to use than spinning and baitcasting reels, making them ideal for newbie anglers. Use Lew’s underspin reels to throw light lures on sensitive lines.

How Good are Lew’s Fishing Reels?

Lew’s Fishing manufactures high-quality fishing reels. Despite having manufacturing factories in China and Korea, Lew’s Fishing has strict quality control, ensuring that all of its reels are made according to specifications and using the highest-quality materials. 

Lew’s Fishing continues to have a loyal customer base thanks to the quality of products they create and continuous innovation. Although Lew’s reels are relatively expensive, anglers worldwide are willing to pay the higher price knowing that Lew’s fishing gear is absolutely worth it. 


Lew’s Fishing is a well-known name in the fishing industry. Like many other popular fishing brands, Lew’s manufactures its reels in Asian countries, mainly China and Korea. The exceptions are a few top-of-the-line reel models that are assembled in the U.S. using parts manufactured in China or Korea.

Throughout its long history, Lew’s name has become synonymous with innovative, high-quality fishing gear and accessories for beginners and professional anglers. 

Lew’s Fishing continues to improve its current designs. Using new technologies this company strives to craft even lighter, faster, and more accurate reels that can be held with confidence and ease.