Where Are Daiwa Fishing Reels Made?

Daiwa is a Japanese fishing gear brand that produces high-quality fishing reels and other equipment. Daiwa reels are popular among beginners and pro anglers and come in many different models. 

But where are Daiwa reels made? A limited number of Daiwa fishing reels are still produced in Japan in the company’s main factory in Tokyo. Daiwa produces second-tier fishing reel series, like Fuego, Tatula, and Exceler reels, in other Asian countries. These include China, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Malaysia. 

This article will tell you more about the Daiwa brand, the different types of Daiwa fishing reels, and how good they are for fishing. 

Is Daiwa a Good Brand?

Daiwa is a big name in the fishing gear industry. This brand has been making top-quality fishing rods and reels for many years and has a good reputation.

From its humble beginnings in the 1950s, Daiwa established itself as a global fishing tackle manufacturer that produces top-of-the-line gear for anglers worldwide. Daiwa emphasized innovation and quality, throughout its history, using only the highest-quality materials when crafting products. 

Daiwa is a top-of-the-line fishing brand that offers exceedingly practical and high-quality products. 

This brand manufactures different types of high-end fishing reels suitable for pro anglers or those looking to splurge on fishing gear. Daiwa also produces second-tier fishing reels, which are made from quality materials and are affordable to the average angler or those who are just taking up fishing as a hobby. 

Daiwa Fishing Reels History and Origin

Daiwa Fishing Reels History and Origin

Daiwa is a Japanese company founded in 1958. Starting as a relatively small fishing reel company, Daiwa quickly grew into a global fishing gear brand that continues to supply anglers worldwide with high-quality fishing gear.

This company has production points around the world, and its name has become synonymous with top-of-the-line fishing equipment. 

In the beginning, the company manufactured all fishing reels, rods, and other accessories in its Tokyo facilities. But, as the demand for Daiwa products grew, the company had to outsource the production of fishing reels to other countries. 

Despite this, all Daiwa reels are made according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The company succeeded to keep the quality of the reels at an exceedingly high level. 

A limited number of Daiwa’s top-of-the-line fishing reels are still produced in the original factory in Tokyo.

Over the years, Daiwa showed an extreme passion for technological advancements. It’s no surprise that this company was the first to create many innovative technologies in the fishing industry.

Daiwa was the first fishing company to develop an “Open-Faced” reel featuring a spool outside the reel. This company was also the first tackle manufacturer in the world to include graphite in both reel rotors and bodies.

Daiwa is constantly evolving and continues to produce high-quality, practical, and wonderfully designed reels for newbies and pro anglers. 

Daiwa Reel Range

Daiwa manufactures many models of fishing reels for different types of fishing styles. Daiwa reels are available in the following categories:

Casting Reels

Listed below are many different models of baitcasting reels manufactured by Daiwa:

Round Casting Reels 

Round casting reels are mainly used for saltwater fishing or catching big freshwater fish species like muskies, salmon, and catfish. Daiwa offers several fishing reels in this category:

Spinning Reels

Daiwa produces an impressive array of spinning reels for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Some of the most popular Daiwa spinning reels are:

Spincast Reels 

Daiwa also manufactures spin cast reels, a budget-friendly option for beginner anglers or children learning how to fish. 

Saltwater Conventional Reels

Saltwater conventional reels, also called overhead reels, are mounted perpendicular to the rod while spinning reels are mounted parallel to the rod. Daiwa produces the following saltwater conventional rods:

Line Counter Reels

If you prefer boat fishing, check out the different models of line counter reels manufactured by Daiwa:

Fly and Mooching Reels

Daiwa makes the following fishing reels for flyfishing and mooching:

How Good Are Daiwa Fishing Reels?

Daiwa manufactures high-quality fishing reels at great value for the angler. This company implements strict quality control measures. Its reels exceed the customer’s expectations regarding quality, performance, ease of use, and value for the money.

Compared to other top-notch fishing brands, Daiwa offers high-performance fishing rods at a great price and produces many different kinds of reels suitable for beginners and recreational anglers. 

Whether you purchase a high-end fishing reel or one of Daiwa’s second-tier reels, you’ll end up with a high-quality reel that will surpass all expectations. 


Daiwa is a well-known and popular fishing brand that manufactures many different kinds of fishing reels. This company uses innovative technologies to create high-quality fishing reels. 

Daiwa outsources production to China, Vietnam, Korea, and other Asian countries, but it also enforces strict quality control measures. Even if purchase a Daiwa reel manufactured in China, rest assured that you’ll be fishing with a high-quality reel designed and crafted by one of the biggest names in the fishing industry.