What to Wear on a Fishing Trip? 16 Tips for Men and Women

Fishing is one of the most exciting things you can do outdoors. It’s fun for the entire family, so it isn’t rare to see families go out on charter trips regularly to enjoy the freedom it provides. However, what many people don’t consider before venturing out on a fishing trip is how exposed you are to the elements.

That’s why it’s crucial to wear appropriate clothing when going on a fishing trip. Offshore, deep-sea fishing leaves you much more exposed to weather conditions. Also, the seasonal changes or the climate where you’re fishing also heavily determines what to wear. So, what should you wear on a fishing trip?

You should always try to protect yourself from the elements. Wear layered clothes and waterproof footwear. Also, a raincoat is always a great idea to carry. If you’re going fly fishing, it usually means getting onto the water, so a pair of waders might be necessary.

Many factors will determine what you should wear but don’t worry. We’ll try to cover all bases in this article, from men’s to women’s clothes for a perfect fishing trip.

How to Dress Appropriately for a Fishing Trip?

Before we get into some examples of useful clothes you should wear fishing, We want to go over some obvious tips, but well worth noting.

As we said, you will be heavily exposed to the elements when going fishing. Water from the sea, wind, rain, and direct sunlight are all very common when going fishing, so you should wear clothes that protect you from all these elements. That includes sunglasses, a hat, a raincoat, some waders, etc.

The exposure to the elements is a lot higher when going offshore fishing instead of staying inshore. The weather tends to change quickly and frequently, so it’s important to wear layered clothing (for instance, a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a raincoat so you can take off or put on clothes depending on the weather.

When going inshore fishing, it’s always a great idea to come prepared. However, if you’re just going to cast for a few hours to relax and unwind, your regular everyday clothes will be just fine, provided the weather is nice.

8 Things You Need to Wear on a Fishing Trip (Men)

Things You Need to Wear on a Fishing Trip

Keeping the tips from the previous heading in mind, it won’t be a problem deciding what to wear on your next fishing trip. We’ll give you a few suggestions to make your life easier. Combine these suggestions to make the perfect fishing outfit depending on what type of fishing you’re doing, what season it is, and what kind of weather forecast you have.


No matter where you’re going fishing, you should always wear some kind of headwear. It provides protection from sunlight, the wind, and the water and is an asset you will love to have with you.

We love American Trends’ wide-brim hat. It looks simple, it’s airy and does just what it’s supposed to do, and that’s protection. It also has an adjustable strap under the chin, so you don’t have to worry about it flying off on you if the wind starts gushing.

You can go a step further and get a full-protection hat like the Outrip Fishing Hat with extra protection for the neck and face. Two removable flaps are attached to the hand to protect your face and neck from direct sunlight or wind. Some anglers love the extra protection, but we are not the biggest fan of how it looks.

If you’re not a fan of hats at all, then you can go for a light baseball cap like the IIN Cap. It’s made of cotton and polyester, making it light and airy, and looks very simple. The closure on the back is adjustable, so it’s a one-size-fits-all cap you’ll surely love.

Finally, having a good pair of polarized sunglasses is detrimental to your success, no matter where you fish. Instead of darkening your eyesight as your regular cheap sunglasses do, INFI polarized fishing sunglasses make it clearer and provide UV protection. You will see a lot better and react more quickly, which is crucial for your success.


If you haven’t already been caught in the rain while fishing, you will be. And, if you don’t have a raincoat, you’re up for a bad time. Even if the forecast is great, you should still carry one with you, especially for offshore fishing, where the weather conditions can change every half an hour.

FoxQ Waterproof Jacket is an example of your common raincoat perfect for any fishing trip. It’s lightweight, has a removable hood, and has a high collar for neck protection. It also comes at a reasonable price. You don’t need to cough up two or three hundred dollars for a super expensive raincoat, especially for fishing where it gets messy.

If you don’t mind spending that much money on a raincoat, choose the Simms Challenger. We believe it’s the best money can buy, as it offers outstanding protection to keep you completely dry even when it’s pouring. It’s completely waterproof, and you can seal every part of the jacket. Plus, it has tons of smart pocket storage for all your fishing essentials.

However, you won’t be 100% protected from bad conditions even then, but you can achieve that by option for a full-on waterproof set, like the Kesser Rain Suit. It includes a raincoat and waterproof trousers to keep you completely dry.

Fleece jacket

Your raincoat will serve you well if the climate is mild – not too hot, not too cold. But, if you plan on fishing somewhere where temperatures drop low, we suggest carrying a fleece jacket with you. They are incredibly warm yet lightweight, making them perfect for cold-weather angling. Wearing a regular winter jacket isn’t convenient, as they are big and only get in the way.

We were very satisfied with my Amazon Essentials Fleece Jacket. It’s very warm, cozy, and light. The best part about it, though, is the price. If you tear it with a hook or a sharp branch, you won’t feel sorry, as they are cheap enough just to go ahead and buy a new one.

However, it’s not a coincidence that the Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece Jacket is the number one bestseller on Amazon. They come in all sorts of designs, so you’ll surely find something you like. The price is reasonable, but the quality of the jacket is impeccable.

Long-sleeved shirt/hoodie

Back to moderate-to-warm weather conditions, it’s always smart to have a long-sleeved shirt with you with a t-shirt underneath. Combining them with a raincoat gives you layers to cover any weather you might encounter. If it rains or the wind is strong, put on your raincoat. If it’s mild and dry, stay in your shirt or hoodie, and if it gets warm, stay in your t-shirt.

If you get the Southern Fin Apparel fishing hoodie, you won’t have to use sunscreen for UV protection, making it a great choice for a fishing hoodie. It’s made out of microfiber and is completely waterproof, and the design is equity stylish. You can easily go a full day fishing in it without any discomfort.

On the other hand, if you prefer long-sleeved shirts over hoodies, we suggest the HUK men’s fishing shirt. It has a UPF factor of 50+, making it highly UV-protective. The shirt is a slim fit, perfect for any fishing opportunity.

Fishing vest

Fishing vests are usually associated with fly fishing, but there’s no reason why you wouldn’t use one even if you’re not going fly fishing. Not only does a fishing vest keep you warm, but it’s incredibly practical having everything you need at hand all the time, especially if you’re out in nature, walking around, searching for a nice casting spot.

Of course, fly anglers use them the most so they don’t have to get out of the water all the time when wading, but they are handy for every other type of fishing too.

You should check out the Kylebooker Fishing Vest. It’s highly adjustable and can be placed over any other clothes. The vest has seventeen pockets and compartments, so you can literally pack everything you essentially need to go out there and fish. It even has a special sunglasses compartment that keeps them spot-free.

And the best part? It weighs almost nothing, as it’s made from polyester and mesh, making it suitable and comfortable even for very long fishing trips.

Convertible pants

We love wearing convertible pants when going fishing for two reasons. One, they are waterproof, meaning you don’t have to wear overalls or extra protection. Two, you can adjust them according to the weather. If it gets cold, leave the long-leg sleeves on. If it gets warmer, take them off and turn your pants into shorts.

You can also wear semi-loose shorts and trousers or tracksuit bottoms over them, but it’s not as practical as the convertible pants, nor does it provide the same protection.

We love the Gouxry Men Zip-Off Convertible Pants a lot because they are very quick-drying and light but still provide more than enough warmth. You can convert them into knee-length shorts, making them perfect for offshore fishing and sudden weather changes.

Fishing Overalls

Fishing overalls are never a bad option, and many anglers choose them as the most suitable clothes to wear for fishing. 

If you like the convenience too, we suggest the RainRider Overalls for maximum comfort and protection. They are soft but sturdy, completely made out of polyester. We love them because they have micro-welded seams, making them 100% waterproof. That means they are great for wading, too – you don’t have to worry about getting wet.

The only tricky part about them is that you need to take them off almost completely if you need to use the bathroom, but adjustable straps make it a very easy job.


Choose your footwear depending on the type of fishing you’ll be doing. If you’ll be on a boat, there’s no need for boots or waders (except if you expect very cold weather, in which case they are a great option, too).

You shouldn’t go in flip-flops, though. The best choice for a boat fishing trip might be quick-drying sneakers such as the DLGJPA Men’s Aqua shoes. They are very lightweight and comfortable and allow your feet to breathe.

For coast fishing trips in nature, choose rubber boots. They won’t ever let water inside and will keep your feet warm and cozy. Finally, if you plan on getting in the water, then waders might be the best option. Choose between chest-high or hip-high waders, and enjoy your next fly fishing day of fun.

8 Things You Need to Wear on a Fishing Trip (Women)

Things You Need to Wear on a Fishing Trip (Women)

What women wear when going on fishing trips usually depends on whether they plan on actually fishing or going as a company to relax and enjoy a beautiful day with family. If you plan on fishing, there aren’t many differences between what you should wear from what the men should wear. 

Still, there are some nice tips we’d like to share with you, based on my experience on charter boats and going fishing with my wife.


Protection should always be your top priority because standing in direct sunlight unprotected for hours will leave you sunburnt and turn your fishing trip sour. Therefore, you should consider a fishing wide-brim hat with an adjustable chin strap and neck flap protection if you want maximum safety. 

A baseball cap also works great, and if you don’t plan on fishing, your favorite hat for everyday use will do just fine.

Hoodie or jacket

Just like men, always aim to be dressed in layers. It’s better to have extra clothes than to be short on clothes. The most comfortable option is a slim-fit hoodie with long sleeves. It’s warm enough to be without a jacket in most cases, but still thin and light enough for you to be able to wear a shirt underneath and a jacket over it if needed.

One of our friends bought a Comical Fishing shirt for his wife, saying, “I’m a hooker on the weekends,” with an image of an angler trying to hook a fish. He found it hilarious. Her, not so much.

Long-sleeved shirt

If you plan on carrying a raincoat or a windbreaker with you, it likely has a hood attached. Therefore, wearing a hoodie under it might feel uncomfortable, making a long-sleeved shirt a better option.

Tons of shirts are designed for long outdoor activities such as fishing and come with a UV protection factor. We prefer that over sunscreen because it protects you while letting your skin breathe.

Quick-drying shorts

If you want to catch some rays and get a nice tan while you’re fishing, and it’s warm outside, get a pair of HUK Women Quick-Drying shorts. They are super light and dry almost instantly, making them awesome for fishing because you’ll get splashed with water numerous times.

They also come in different colors, allowing you to choose your favorite at all times. Trust me; it beats a sundress. It gets quite windy out there, especially offshore, so choosing shorts instead of a sundress will be the best choice you can make.

Women Fishing Overalls

Having a great pair of insulated fishing overalls in your closet is a must for experienced female anglers. The women models are much more slim-fit and look more elegant, but that’s not even the most important part.

They are also quite easy to put on and off because of the zipper on the front side, making restroom stops much easier. The best part? You’ll stay warm and dry, and you can enjoy hours of fishing fun even in harsh weather conditions.

Protective fishing gloves

Women tend to have softer and more gentle hands, so you should consider wearing protective fishing gloves, especially if you’re planning a longer trip. Get specialized gloves that protect you from the sun and keep your hands dry.

They will also help you avoid hurting your hands and getting blisters from your rods. Hours of fishing can be tough for your hands, and protective fishing gloves will make that problem disappear like nothing.

Comfortable bra

Fishing trips always last for hours. Offshore charter expeditions rarely last shorter than 6-8 hours, so wearing a comfortable bra is something you should keep in mind. Especially when you add physical activity to the mix – you don’t want to feel like something’s holding you back or bothering you while enjoying a nice fishing day.

sports bra might be the best solution. They are light and comfortable, and you won’t even think about them for a second, no matter how long your trip lasts.


Choosing the right footwear for fishing isn’t that hard when you know what to expect. For instance, a boat deck will certainly get splattered and wet, so you should avoid sandals, heels, or flip-flops because you could slip and fall easily while wearing them on board.

Instead, get a pair of Ryka Women’s Hydro Shoes, designed for better traction on wet surfaces, quick drying, and waterproof soles. It’s the best choice for fishing from a boat, but if you’re going out in nature, you should consider wearing some nice insulated rubber boots – the higher they are, the better.