What Size Hook Should You Use For Trout Fishing?

When it comes to trout fishing, there are several factors involved in angling. The hook size is one of the essential attributes of angling trout. But the question is, what size hook should you use for trout fishing?

Most of the trout are small in size, and even some of them can be bigger, but they are smallmouths. Also, their eyesight is excellent, and they stay wary about their food. A larger hook is more visible to them, and because of this, you should always use small hooks for trout fishing.

We will discuss what hook size is best for trout fishing and explain the best trout fishing rig to you. Moreover, you will get a clear idea about what bait is best for rainbow trout from this article. So, stay with us to learn more about all these facts.

What Size Fishing Hook Should You Use?

What Size Fishing Hook Should You Use

If you are new to trout fishing, the first question in your head would be what type of hook you should use. Another obvious question is what fishing hook size you should use. No matter what you are looking for, the answers always depend on the trout itself. But believe us, choosing the right hook size is not a difficult task for angling.

We recognized that the 8-14 sizes are the best for trout fishing to answer your concerns. If you are angling for fun or sports and your intention is not to keep what you are catching, then we suggest you use barbless hooks. 

Smaller hooks always work for trout fishing because large hooks tend to much visible to trout, and they try to avoid it. A line that is nearly invisible in water and a small hook make a perfect duo for anglers.

Number sizing is the usual scale for hoke size. This scale is a little confusing, but you do not have to worry about it because we are here to assist you in understanding these things. This hook sizing starts with size 1, the biggest hook, and up to size 16 or more, the smallest size in this scale segment. 

Unfortunately, there is no similarity in different companies’ hook sizes because of not having universal sizing. So, you might have to test different brands of hooks before you find the right match.

If you are passionate about trout fishing, we suggest you try various hooks and other equipment. Different equipment depends on different scenarios like what and where you are fishing. Above all, try not to make things complicated because you are supposed to enjoy trout fishing.

Trout always tend to stay leery in the water, and for that, you have to pick the right size of the hook if you are solemn about trout fishing. There are many options available for you. You have to know about what you are catching and what would be the best for it. Trout is likely to see larger hooks as a danger to avoid.

Brown and speckled trout are famous for their excellent eyesight underwater. They can quickly become aware of the larger hook, and the probability of avoiding it is very high. 

So, before angling, you must decide which type of trout you want to catch and select the precise hook for it. It will be helpful if you store several types of hooks in your tackle box, and you will have the freedom to catch anything you want on the go.

For small trout, like brook and speckled, you must use a smaller hook. Some types of trout are bigger than them, which are grown brown and rainbow trout, and for them, you should use larger hooks. You can also avoid small trout using larger hooks in the pond where all sizes of trout dwell.

Single hooks are the best type of hook you can use for trout fishing. They are small, thin, and less visible in size. Trout are clever fish with excellent eyesight, and for this feature, they can easily detect any danger ahead of them. So, the less visible the hook is, the better chance to catch a trout.

Nowadays, anglers who are fishing trout only for fun and intend not to keep them using a barbless hook. It tends to do less harm to the fish as it has no barb at the tip of the hook. The rounded edge does not penetrate the trout’s mouth deeply, and for that reason, they are much safer than others.

After all of these facts, we recommend you use a small hook for trout fishing as their size and mouth are usually not that big. A smaller hook is more than enough for them. Amateur anglers tend to fish with large hooks thinking that the smaller hooks can not hold the fish. But this is a myth when you are fishing trout.

What Is the Best Rig For Trout Fishing?

When you are angling with a rod, the most common fish you are going to fish are trout, and they can be fished with various types of bait. You can easily find them in your local water as they live in a small water lake or pond. The most popular way of fishing trout is with a weighted rig.

Trout fishing rig means the fishing equipment setup that is used for trout fishing. There are various rigs available for different species. A precise configuration is needed for trout fishing. If you are an amateur angler and want to understand trout fishing, you are in the right place.

There are many trout rigs available, but the most used rigs are simple bobber and split shot. These trout rigs best go with rainbow and cutthroat trout and many more. As we discussed earlier, the size of hooks and lures depends on the size of the fish. 

Another essential factor for the rig is the depth of the water where you will be fishing. You will need a fluorocarbon line, a small hook, bobber, bobber stopper, split shot weight, baits, and a barrel swivel for the best trout fishing rig.

If you have no experience and do not know what bait you should use for trout, your go-to option will be flavored PowerBait. This artificial lure tends to attract more, and it lasts longer than natural lures. Most trout find it hard to resist and easy to find in the fishing shops.

If you wanted to be sure before trout fishing, we advise you to talk with the local lure shops and anglers to understand what bait works for them. 

It would be best if you use ultralight or medium-weight tackle when you are fishing trout. The best fishing combo would be an ultralight reel slightly smaller than a large rod with a monofilament line that weighs around 6-10 lb. This line is the most efficient line for trout fishing. 

If you use this type of setup for your trout fishing, you will surely get the best outcome you can ever ask for. Whether you are a professional or just fishing for fun with this cheap trout fishing rig, you can get an unforgettable adventure.

What Bait Is Best For Rainbow Trout?

The most common and easiest-to-find species of trout is rainbow trout. You can catch them in your local pond or lake water with different baits and lures. However, they can be very picky when it comes to their food. So, you have to try other lures and baits to fish them.

You can use lures like spinners, plugs, spoons, and jigs in sizes from 1″ to 3″ range. We would suggest you keep all these lures in your tackle box because their mood for eating foods swings a lot with time. You have to observe what lures and baits are working for you to catch rainbow trout. It is one of the basic rules for rainbow trout fishing.

If you ask us to pick only one lure for rainbow trout, that would be a small silver and blue Kastmaster spoon. It will also work for other fishes in the same water area and cover a large section of the water if you can cast it properly, which is also a plus point.

We recommend using green and yellow rubber jigs in a spot like a small pond or lake where tides are absent. This lure will draw more attention, and you will get a quick result. If you can see the trout, try to cast the bait in that spot and wait for it to sink, move it a little. Constantly repeat this process, and you will feel the bite shortly after this.

Choosing the right hook will give you an edge when it comes to trout fishing. And with the information provided in this article, you should be able to pick the hook that best suits your need. 

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