What Size Fishing Hook For Trout?

A hook is the most important piece of fishing equipment for catching trout and other fish species. But unlike many fish that bite anything that comes their way, trout are hook shy and won’t take the bait if they spot the hook. 

If you’re planning to catch trout, make sure you’re using the best trout fishing hook size. 

So, what size fishing hook for trout? Size 8 to 14 hooks are the best hooks for trout fishing. Trout have excellent eyesight, and a wrong-sized hook can easily scare them off the bait. Trout also have small mouths, so choosing a small hook size is the best choice when fishing for trout. Use a big hook to avoid catching small trout. 

Keep reading to learn about different types of trout hooks. This article will also tell you what size hook is the best for trout. 

Types of Fishing Hooks for Trout

Types of Fishing Hooks for Trout

There are several types of fishing hooks you can use when fishing for trout. Some anglers prefer using the same size, shape, and brand of a fishing hook whenever they are targeting trout. 

But having different types of hooks in your tackle box is the best choice.

Let’s take a look at various types of fishing hooks for trout:

1. Single Hooks

A single hook is the most basic type of fishing hook and is commonly used when fishing for trout. The hook-wary trout has good eyesight and is suspicious of any strange-looking objects in the water, which makes a single hook an excellent choice for trout fishing.

Single hooks are simple and less noticeable than other types of hooks and won’t scare off a suspicious trout. A single hook is a good choice for bait fishing and can also be used for fly fishing. 

There are several kinds of single hooks, including:


J-hooks are shaped like the letter J with a straight shank and a J-loop at the bottom. These hooks are best when fishing with live bait, and they can hook anywhere in the fish’s mouth.

Circle Hooks

Featuring a rounded shape, circle hooks are designed to encircle the corner of the fish’s mouth. Anglers don’t need to set circle hooks.

Kahle Hooks

Kahle hooks are a mix of J-hooks and circle hooks. These hooks have a high rate of gut hooking and are some of the most damaging hooks for trout. 

2. Double Hooks

A double hook is basically two hooks connected at an angle along the shank. Double hooks are most commonly used when flying fishing for trout for tying heavier flies or using power baits. 

A size chart used for single hooks is the same as for double hooks.

3. Treble Hooks

Treble hooks have three hooks attached at an angle along the shank. Although treble hooks aren’t used as commonly as single hooks, they are a good choice when fishing with power baits, spinners, or trolling lures. 

4. Barbless Hooks

Barbless hooks cause less damage to the fish, and many anglers use barbless hooks when fishing for trout. Barbless hooks are made without a barb at the tip and are ideal for catch-and-release fishing

It’s easy to transform a regular barbed hook into a barbless hook using fishing pliers. Use pliers to flatten the barb so it doesn’t pierce the fish’s mouth or cause more severe damage. 

Different Fishing Hook Sizes for Trout

What size hook to use is a common question when trout fishing. The trout hook size depends on several factors, including the size of the trout you’re trying to catch. 

Hook size for trout or any other fish is measured in numbers from 1 to 30. The fishing hook sizes go down as the number goes up, meaning that the number 1 hook is the largest hook and the number 30 hook is the smallest. 

A size 24 hook is just ¼ inch long, and hooks of this size are usually only used to tie midgets or mosquito patterns. A size 1 trout hook I around 1 inch long and is used with much bigger baits. 

Fishing hooks bigger than the size 1 hook are listed as 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0 all the way to 27/0 hooks, which are presumably used to catch monster fish.

What Is the Best Fishing Hook Choice for Trout

The best trout fishing hook size is an 8 to 14 single hook or a size 10 to 14 treble hook. If there’s only one hook you could choose, pick a size 12 single hook, which works great for most baits and fishing techniques.

Treble fishing hooks are bigger than single hooks, so choose smaller size treble hooks when fishing for trout. 

The best hook size for trout depends on the size of the fish you’re trying to catch and the type and size of the bait you’re going to use. A smaller hook size is always a better option because trout will easily see a larger hook, especially if you’re fishing in clear water. 

When fishing for trout in clear water, use small hooks that are easier to conceal inside the bait. This will make the hook less noticeable and increase your chances of landing a bite from a hook-wary species such as trout. 

Compared to other fish species such as walleye and bass, trout have small mouths. Using a smaller fishing hook makes it easier for you to get the baited fishing hook inside the trout’s mouth. 


Fishing hooks for trout come in many different sizes, but size 8 to 14 single hooks are the best choice when trying to catch trout. If you’re using treble fishing hooks, choose a size 10 to 14 hook so it can easily fit inside the trout’s tiny mouth.

Using small fishing hooks will increase your chances of catching trout because these fish have a small mouths and are hook-wary. Fishing with a bigger hook can deter the trout from biting your lure.