Types of Bait Fish

Whenever we go fishing choosing the right fish for baiting takes time and sometimes it is quite hectic to even think about it. About the types of baitfish, we should always be very careful and choose the right one.

So, we did some research on types of baitfish and found a few interesting and useful bait fishes that help you catch a fish quickly. According to our research, fishes are of different types so bait must be according to their diet to attract its predator. 

We have devised a solution to this problem by writing about different types of baitfish for you.  If you use the right type of baitfish in fishing it will attract its predators and you’ll get a chance to enjoy fishing. 

Fishbaits are easy to catch and easy to store for later use. In this article, we’ll let you about our research on types of bait fishes.  So, keep reading!

Live Minnows

Fishing with live minnows can be very interesting as it helps you to catch a large number of fish. Live minnows attract a large number of fish and they can attract fish in both fresh and hard water. Many fish species would love to eat minnows. 

Additionally, there are many types of minnows such as the fathead minnow and its main predator is the northern pike, creek chub is a type of minnow and its main type predators are the northern pike and trout.

They are easily found in baitfish stores and you can also grow them in your pond. In your pond make sure to give them the proper habitat to grow properly

Make sure that minnows are alive so keep them in a minnow bucket and you can easily get a live minnow from a bait store.

The most interesting reason to use live minnows as baitfish is that they can adjust themselves according to the body of water and learn easily about navigation. So, donating your few minutes can lead you to the source of food. 

Techniques to use live minnow as baitfish

Minnows are smaller and larger and it’s up to you what you want to use. This can be a good choice to attract freshwater fishes by using live minnows in freshwater. While fishing using minnows as bait would be good near their natural location. 

The natural location for minnows is between rocks and near the bottom. Techniques will be the same whether you are using a smaller or larger one. Keep the water clean and don’t overcrowd the bucket. The temperature must be normal to keep minnows alive. 

When I use Minnows as baitfish what I do is take it to the bottom and then bounce it over and over. By doing this it will attract the fish. Let the fish eat live minnow before pulling the hook. By doing this you will catch the fish otherwise fish can escape the hook. 

Check your baitfish after every 15 minutes to check if it is doing fine. Keep the water clean and don’t overcrowd the bucket. The temperature must be normal to keep minnows alive. 

Live Worms

Using live worms for fishing is a traditional and very effective method. This method is popular all across the world and you can easily find information about using live worms as bait easily. Red worms and nightcrawlers are very popular bait easily available in baitfish stores. 

If you don’t have live worms and have some dead worms then it will work too. Many fishes like to eat stinky food so they will come to eat dead worms too if you use them as bait. 

Technique to use live worms as bait 

Many fishes love to eat worms and they will be caught easily. It is liked by both smaller and large fish. The main problem with worms is that they get rid of hooks easily. Make sure to prepare a lot of worms wherever you go fishing. I also buy a lot of worms from a fish bait store near me as my father used to buy them. 

Live Pilchards

Live pilchards are best whenever we want to catch tuna, tarpon, kingfish, and many other species that love to have this as their food and get in the trap easily. So, we would suggest you use pilchards as these are easily available in fishbait stores.

A hook or small jig is enough to use pilchards as bait. If we want to catch it then it is quite easy. They can be caught using a fishnet as they always travel together. In the morning these baits are at the top of the surface so it would be easy if we catch them early in the morning. 

Techniques to use live Pilchards

Live Pilchards are very useful as they are small so a common hook and a small jig are enough to hold them for a while. Bait will not sit well in a fishing pen so it is better to catch fresh with live bait every day. 

Throwing some of the Pilchards before starting fishing is better as it will attract a large sum of fish. Before throwing make sure it is a little injured so that it does not swim away. Do not go over the chum as this will make your bait less attractive for fish and they will never come into your trap. 

Live Threadfin Shad 

Live threadfin Shan is a great baitfish found in freshwater or lakes. They also move as a crowd so it is very easy to catch them in freshwaters. It can grow approximately 8 inches.

Its predators are largemouth bass, catfish, smallmouth bass, hybrid striped bass, and striped bass. So if you are planning to catch one of these predators then we would strongly recommend using threadfin shad. 

Technique to use Threadfin Shad

Its dorsal fin exactly looks like a thread and is dorsal in shape. The easiest way to use Threadfin shad as bait is to insert a hook through the top of its head and then by turning the fish push it into the hook.

Don’t forget to hook it from its back area and tail. These bait fishes are not seasonal. Its predators love to eat this threadfin shad throughout the year.


We have caught many fishes in saltwater using sardines as bait. This is very effective and we use sardines frequently whenever we go fishing. They are easily available in fishbait stores and if you are interested then you can catch them on your own too. 

Moreover, These fishes also swim as a whole and you can catch many sardines at a time. Make sure you use gloves as sardines are very smelly. Their smell can last for many days on your hands so using rubber gloves will help you to get rid of the bad smell. 

Technique to use Sardines as Bait

A small hook or a small rig is enough to catch a large number of fish using sardines as bait. It can be kept alive in a bait bucket for a long period. Using live sardines as bait we have to hook them horizontally from the nose.

If you are fishing near the beach or near-surface then you can hook it from the skin near the grills. The size of the weight line must be equal to the size of the bait and if the line weight is a little less it would be okay too. 


Perch can grow up to 10 inches and this is the most abundant bait found in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. The main reason for its abundance is that it can lay approximately 10,000 to 40,000 eggs at a time. Its main predators are pickerel, catfish, walleyes, and largemouth bass. So, if you are thinking to catch any of these then we would strongly recommend using perch. 

Technique to use Perch as a bait

If you use the right tools then it’s going to be very easy for you to use perch as bait. Common spreader rigs are a great option to hold perch in their place in water.

Due to their abundance in water, there are many predators who will come to eat them as soon as it is thrown in water. Before using perch make sure to check the law of your state because in some states it is not allowed to use perch as live bait. 


Needlefish can be a great bait for fishes living in freshwater. These fishes are found in both the North Pacific and North Atlantic oceans. The main predator of needlefish is rockfish, cod, and halibut.  In the Atlantic Ocean, it is very common to find a large number of needlefish as they are abundant there. 

Technique to use Needlefish as Bait

The use of the right hook at right time can be great to use needlefish as bait and attract as many predators as possible. Jigs with lures, anglers, and trolls that look like needlefish can be used to attract their predators.


We have mentioned a few types of Baitfish according to our experience. We have tried all these fish baits and selected some of the best for you. Feel free to use any of these as bait and we promise you that you will get better results. 

There are two options to use baitfish: either to buy it from a store or grow them in your pond. Make sure to provide them with a good environment where they can grow happily. In short, it must be according to their habitat. Make sure to keep the water fresh and cool if you are storing some in your home. 

We wish you good luck with fishing. We hope you catch as many fish as possible!