Sabiki Rig Surf Fishing: Can You Use It And How?

As a beginner angler, you probably must have heard about the Sabiki rig for surf fishing. However, if you’re hearing about it for the first time, the rig is one of the best rigs for landing saltwater creatures, including fish.

Many people use the Sabiki rig for Kayak fishing, a technique that requires fishing from a kayak. However, some people also utilize it for surf fishing, which involves standing on the shoreline.

Sabiki bait rigs are one of the best rigs you can use for surf fishing. For you to use the multi-lure rig to land fish, such as Mackerel, you’ll first tie it to your main fishing line. The next thing is to add weight and then cast it inside the water, where you spot small baitfish.

The Sabiki rig is a cutting-edge technique that you can use for surf fishing to land baitfish. The rig packs a host of unique features, which you need to get familiar with as a beginner angler to get the best out of it.

That said, in the rest of this post, you’ll learn how to utilize Sabiki rigs for surf fishing. That’s not all; I’ll also share with you the list of the best-selling Sabiki Rigs. Without further ado, let’s get straight down to business.

Can You Use A Sabiki Rig In The Surf?

As earlier mentioned, the best type of rigs for surf fishing includes Fish-Finder, Double-Drop Bottom, and Fireball. However, you can also use the Sabiki rig, as it also offers an excellent experience for anglers.

Many people opt to use Sabiki rigs for fishing because of their versatile nature. In case you don’t know, there are more than three ways you can utilize the rigs for fishing.

First, you can use Sabiki rigs by jigging them from a Kayak. For this approach, you’ll be able to land baitfish, including mackerel, while using a kayak. However, you can also use the rig to land mini-species, especially those that are pretty hard to catch with more extensive and heavier gear.

Furthermore, you can also use Sabiki rigs by jigging or casting them from a pier, depending on local rules and regulations. For this fishing technique, all you need is to tie the rig to your main fishing line and then cast it down directly into the water. However, you need to wear polarized sunglasses so you can quickly spot schools of baitfish under the surface of the water.

The last option for using Sabiki rigs is by casting them from the shore. So, let’s go back to the burning question of whether Sabiki rigs can function in the surf.

The simple and straightforward answer is yes, you can always use the rig for surf fishing. With that, the next question is, how do you surf fish with a Sabiki rig?

How Do You Surf Fish With A Sabiki Rig?

As we now know, Sabiki bait rigs are great for different experiences, including kayak fishing and surf fishing, to catch small fish baits, like mackerel.

You can always buy the rigs at any local tackle store near you or online. If you’re interested in ordering one of the best-selling products, you can check the next section for the list.

Sabiki rigs come with six tiny jiggy-type flies, each with a branch line attached to the hook. Furthermore, the hook comes with a flattened end that allows the fish to see the fly clearly – all thanks to its reflective nature.

Sabiki rigs function in various ways, including being utilized with a rod and reel setup for light tackle. For better results, you’ll need to add weight to them before casting them into the surf. One of the best ways to do that is by adding casting sinkers. After that, all you need to do is drop the rig as soon as you spot a school of baitfish under the water surface.

However, ensure that you avoid jigging the rig too hard. The reflective light on the hook will allow the fish to see the fly quickly. As soon as you feel the fish biting the hook, ensure to wait a few seconds for other baitfish to come around before retrieving them.

Do you put bait on a sabiki rig?

With an excellent setup of the Sabiki rig, you can either decide to use bait or not. If you’re going to use bait for the rig, the best option is Shrimp.

After getting the shrimp, all you need to do is pinch off its flesh and attach it to each of the rig’s hooks before lowering it into the water. If you’re not using bait, the best way to land fish using a Sabiki rig for surf fishing is by attaching feathers to its hooks.

Best Sabiki Rigs For Surf Fishing

1- Sanhu Bait Rigs Model 747

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Occupying the first spot on the best Sabiki Rigs list for surf fishing is the Sanhu Bait Rigs Model 747. I recommend the product because it offers different unique features. One of them is that the package, with US size #4, comes with ten packs of live bait-catching rigs. Furthermore, each of the Sanhu Bait Rigs comes with six premium gold finish hooks.

For ease of use of the product, the first thing you need to do is peel off the backside of the bag and attach the line to the swivel. Doing that will help to minimize the line twist. After that, add weight to the fishing equipment before dropping it into the water. For more information regarding Sanhu Bait Rigs Model 747, you can check here.

2- LikeFish Sabiki Rigs Fishing Flasher

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Sitting on the second spot on this list is the LikeFish Sabiki Rigs Fishing Flasher. The product offers a host of great features, including ease of use – this is one of the many reasons I’m recommending it.

One of the features of the LikeFish Sabiki Rigs Fishing Flasher is that it comes in ten packs. Interestingly, each of them features five different high-carbon fishing hooks. Also, you can use the rig to land varieties of small baitfish, including mackerel, small jacks, herring, and smelt. For more information about the product’s offerings, price, and how to order it, you can check here.

3- Hayabusa S-650E-4 Hage Aurora Sabiki Hot Hooks

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Next on the list is the Hayabusa S-650E-4 Hage Aurora Sabiki Hot Hooks. Coming with US size #4, the surf fishing rig product comes with great features.

One of the features of  Hayabusa S-650E-4 Hage Aurora Sabiki Hot Hooks is that it offers superior performance for catching small baitfish. Furthermore, the product also has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, meaning that it’s easy to use and offers better results.

Here’s what one of the verified buyers of the product said regarding the product.

“Despite my fishing buddies saying I should throw my sabika rig away after check use, I found this rig is very long-lasting. Well worth the money!!!”

You can check here for more information regarding the product’s offering and how to order it.

4- Black Anchor Saltwater Sabiki Kit

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The Black Anchor Saltwater Sabiki Kit is another excellent product for a better surf fishing experience. I recommend this product because of its offerings. Depending on your need, you’ll find the product available in various sizes; #4, #6, and #8.

Furthermore, each of the Sabiki rigs comes with three hooks. That’s not all; the product also comes with two floating de-hookers, two thin threading weights, and three teardrop weights (one for each size).

The hooks come with a saltwater-resistant 304 stainless material, which allows you to release it from the baitfish safely. Furthermore, the de-hooker offers you a comfortable grip. For more information about the product’s offerings and how to make an order, you can check here.

5- Ahi USA SB-202V Rainbow Skin Sabiki Rig

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Another best-selling product that you can consider buying is the Ahi USA SB-202V Rainbow Skin Sabiki Rig. That’s so because it comes with several unique features that will help you improve your fishing experience. For instance, the Sabiki Rig comes with a US size #10 fishing hook.

Furthermore, the product comes with super-strong nylon chip leader material. That’s not all; it’s available in 10 packs, with each of them coming with different high-quality gold hooks for landing your catches. That said, you can check here to get more information about the Sabiki Rig product.