Why Are Mystery Snails Stuck Together?

Mystery snails, also known as apple snails are often found stuck together in a behavior called “mating.”

This behavior occurs when two snails come together and exchange sperm, which is used to fertilize the eggs of the female snail.

During mating, the snails will secrete a slimy, mucus-like substance that helps them to adhere to each other.

This substance, called snail slime or snail trail, is produced by glands located on the snail’s foot and serves a variety of purposes, including helping the snail move, protecting its skin from abrasions, and aiding in digestion.

It is not uncommon for mystery snails to remain stuck together for several hours or even days while mating.

After mating, the snails will separate and go about their normal activities.

Mystery snails are known to mate frequently, so it is not uncommon to see them stuck together on a regular basis.

Why Are Mystery Snails Stuck Together

Are my Mystery Snails Fighting or Mating?

There are over 40000 snail species living around the world and mystery snail is one of them. They are docile and peaceful snails to keep in the aquarium with other pets.

But sometimes you will notice that your mystery snail is climbing on top of each other. It will make you confused and anxious.

Though it is normal and they can do this for several reasons. They can do for mating, fighting or searching for food.

Here you will get the answer why are your mystery snails stuck together. And described how mystery snail behave during the fighting or mating period. So read the article till the end.

To distinguish between mystery snails fighting and mating you should acquire knowledge about their behavior.

Because if you can not distinguish between their behavior it will be a hindrance for your snails.

Though if you are not aware about their behavior and think that they are fighting seeing that mystery snails are on top of each other you do not have to worry. As they have no harmful tools in their body.

Also aquatic snails are known as peaceful creatures. They do not attack any of their tank mates to harm themselves.

As well as if you notice they are stuck together and can not understand what they are doing. The answer is they are mating. Because at the mating period they climb to the top of the shell also.

Why Are Mystery Snails Stuck Together

As already mentioned, mystery snails can attach for several reasons. But in most cases they attach for mating.

However, some other reasons which are logical for mystery snail stucking is explained below.

Searching For Food

Mystery snail smell sense is very strong. If you put some food in the tank they will search for them and reach the food location.

Mostly they love to eat algae along with other food such as biofilm and vegetables.

Sometimes some food like algae or biofilm stuck on other snail shells and mystery snails climb to the snails top to eat the food.

For A Ride

Mystery snail not only known as a peaceful animal but also known as a lazy creature. They do not like to move fast and love to pass days as a lazy person.

For instance, they climb on fast moving snails to get a ride. Basically they choose a snail which moves fast and can hold them on their top so that they do not need to move to search for food.

Sometimes you will see some snails are stuck together which is known as snail train.

Final Words

Mystery snails are not aggressive. They are hermaphrodites and never attack any aquarium pets.

They are naturally peaceful creatures and have a unique pattern which increases their beauty.

If you see them stuck together it may be for mating or riding. This time do not try to unstuck them because it will hamper their body parts.

Also if you think they are fighting do not panic because they have no harmful tool in their body.