Mystery Snails and Bettas: Ultimate Guide!

You can breed your snail in the betta tank but this is not an appropriate decision for your snail breeding. Because betta tank size is usually small and the water condition will collapse according to your snail growth.

So it is better to breed your snail in a separate tank as it is very easy to maintain and care.

Mystery snail is usually known as peaceful snail. Also bettas are beautiful fish who increase the tank’s beauty.

But most of the people who have a small tank or who want to introduce their bettas with snails think that bettas are compatible with mystery snails.

In fact mystery snails and bettas can share their tank with each other. Because both require the same water parameter also mystery snail body structure is a positive sign to keep them as tankmates.

However, keep reading this article. Here I will discuss that the mystery snail and bettas are compatible as tank mates along with how to avoid some little aggression to keep them in the same tank peacefully and healthy.

Mystery Snails and Bettas

Can Mystery Snails Live With Betta Fish?

It is recommended and proved that mystery snails and bettas are perfect as tankmates. Though male betta are more aggressive than female betta fish.

So you should choose a female betta compared with male betta mate. Also you can choose the male bettas caring about some difficulties.

Since mystery snails are peaceful and docile aquatic snails. As well as it has a good shape and has a strong shell and both require the same water quality.

Moreover bettas only feed small snails, not large snails. At this point the mystery snail can grow up to 2 to 3 inches whether bettas grow almost 2 inches.

So you can put betta and mystery snails in the same tank, they can live peacefully if there are enough space and food. Also ensure that you put large mystery snail to keep your snail safe from betta

Will Betta Fish Harm Mystery Snails?

Actually it depends on the bettas type and your snail size as well as how often you feed them. There are various types of betta fish according to their tail, pattern and color.

Few betta will show interest on your snail and few will ignore your tank snail also few will attack their tank mate.

Sometimes your betta can attack your mystery snail and bite them if they feel hungry or if they recognize it as their food.

They can bite your mystery snails eyes and antennae. Though aquatic snail eyes can grow again which can take 3 weeks

But the most important thing to ignore the possibility of harm is to put a large mystery snail in your betta tank as it is a little bit safe from betta. Also ensure that your betta feed properly and have enough space in the tank.

What Makes Mystery Snails Good Companions for Bettas?

Mystery snail is considered a good tank mate for bettas. There are some reasons to work behind to make them comfortable with each other.

Here discussed the reasons:

Same water quality

Mystery snail and betta fish require almost the same water parameter. Mystery snails require 68 degree f to 84 degree f. Additionally, bettas require 75 degree f to 80 degree f.

The pH for snails is 6.5 to 7.5 whether bettas need 6.5 to 8. Also general hardness for mystery snails is 150 to 300 ppm and bettas need 70 to 300 ppm.

However, as you will keep betta and snails in the same tank you should change the water twenty to thirty percent two times every week.

Large size

Mystery snail is a large snail comparing bettas. Also if the snail is matured betta can not feed the snail.

However mystery snails can grow up to 2 to 3 inches besides bettas almost 2 inches. So always try to keep large mystery snails avoiding small snails.

Strong shell: Mystery snails have a strong shell which helps them to protect from any threat.

Even if bettas attack the snail it can not crack the shell to eat the snail. Hence feed your snail calcium rich food to keep your snail shell strong.

Have an operculum

Operculum is a protective trap door which saves the mystery snail from any aggressive tankmate.

If they feel threatened they just go back to their shell and close the door. So it is proved that mystery snail is compatible with bettas as they have protective operculum

Eat leftover food and algae

Mystery snail and bettas have a good relationship about their food eating. Usually mystery snails are known as algae eaters.

Also you do not need to provide any high quality food to your snails. They eat biofilm, algae and leftover food.

You only need to give your bettas balanced food and do not keep them hungry.

Can Mystery Snails Eat Betta Fish?

Mystery snails do not have any harmful tools in their body parts.

They are very peaceful and docile animals which make them popular to aquarists to keep them in the aquarium. They do not attack or eat their tankmate. So they won’t eat your betta.

But if they die in your aquarium you should remove them as soon as possible. Because it will spike nitrates and ammonia in your aquarium water which is very harmful for your bettas. Also it can harm your other aquatic plants and pets.

Snails Can Live With Betta Fish

Mystery snail is recommended by the expert to keep with the bettas. They feel very compatible with each other as a tankmate.

As well as you can keep some other snails with your bettas. Such as assassin snails, rabbit snail, ramshorn snail, nerite snail, turret snail, japanese trapdoor snail, red-rimmed melania etc.

You can put any of the snails with your bettas from the mentioned name. As all of them are comfortable with the bettas and some of them eat algae and some have operculum to hide them from predators.

Snails Can’t Live With Betta Fish

There are some snails which you can’t keep with your betta fish. Such as pest snails, giant apple snails, amazonian apple snails and pond snails.

The mentioned snails can harm your betta fish and your aquarium plants. If you keep amazonian apple snails in your aquarium it will eat all your tank plants with roots. as well as it will make your betta fish stressed.

On the other hand, if you try to keep a giant apple snail it will make the bettas uncomfortable, delivering too much waste.

And pond snails have a rapid breeding rate which is a problem for your tank. Hence it is better to keep the above mentioned snail which can live with your betta fish.

How to Introduce a Mystery Snail to a Betta Tank?

Introducing your mystery snail with your betta is a good idea. Because it will reduce the chances to bother your snail by the bettas. So to do this first of all you need to float your snail bag in your betta aquarium.

You should do this for thirty minutes. Then put 1/4 of the tank water in the snail bag and do not throw any snail bag water in your tank. Again keep your snail bag to float in the tank water maintaining the same time cycle.

Also repeat the water replacement until your snail bag is almost full with aquarium water. Now put your snail in the tank and remove the bag ensuring that you do not throw any snail bag water.


Can I breed snails in a betta tank?

You can breed your snail in the betta tank but this is not an appropriate decision for your snail breeding. Because betta tank size is usually small and the water condition will collapse according to your snail growth.

So it is better to breed your snail in a separate tank as it is very easy to maintain and care.

In a nutshell, mystery snails and betta fish are comfortable with each other as a tank mate. Though betta fish can attack your mystery snail but the snail will not attack or hamper your bettas unless it die.

Also if you feed your betta properly it will not attack or eat your snail. As well as you will able to maintain them in the same tank very easily without any conflict. So keep your betta well feed and make sure you put large size mystery snail in your betta tank.