8 Reasons Why Mystery Snail Not Moving (6 Ways To Overcome!)

People keep aquariums in their home to enjoy the tank’s beauty as well as to increase home beauty. Also aquarists like mystery snails for their easy growth. It has a unique pattern and eating algae helps to minimize the green spot problem. 

Even so, the mystery snail is the first choice for its color, eating habit and non-aggressive nature yet it makes aquarists worry about stopping its movement.

In this case some aquarists think that their snail may be dead, that’s why it’s not moving. This thinking is not true every time. Because a dead mystery snail has some sign which assures the snail is dead or not. 

However, mystery snails can stop moving for some reason. Such as sleeping, hiding from aggressive tankmates, incompatible water conditions, for coldness or stress. 

In this post I will explain why mystery snails stop moving and how to treat the dormant mystery snails. You will learn how to deal in this situation. So read this article till the end. 

Mystery Snail Not Moving

Why is My Mystery Snail Not Moving?

When a mystery snail is not moving some aquarists think that the snail is dead. But this is not true. There are some reasons why mystery snails stop moving. The reasons are:

1. Sleeping

Mystery snails can stop moving when they are sleeping. Just like humans and other animals, mystery snails go to sleep as a relaxing method.

Though humans and other aquatic animals maintain a specific sleeping pattern, mystery snails do not follow any kind of sleeping pattern. 

Mystery snails can sleep anywhere. Some mystery snails can sleep 2 to 3 days and some sleep over 13 hours. So if your mystery snail stops moving, check if your aquatic snail may be sleeping. 

2. Poor Water Condition

Aquarium water condition should be checked on a regular basis. Because mystery snails are very sensitive about their tank water.

As well as tank water parameter ups and down make the aquatic snail stressed. A stressed snail can not remain active for a long time. 

When the water condition is not suitable for mystery snails they retreat into their shell. So keep the nitrate, ammonia and copper level zero. Also maintain the water pH level between 6.5 to 7.5. 

3. Hibernating

Mystery snails can stop moving for hibernation. Though aquatic snails do not hibernate. Because the tank water condition remains stable for mystery snails. But if the mystery snail does not feed for a long time it can hibernate. 

The mystery snail hibernation can last a long time. And the hibernation happens with the wild mystery snail to survive during the winter and summer conditions. 

At the hibernation period mystery snails reduce metabolic activity and eat less food.

However, if you see that your mystery snail is not moving for some days or a week the possible cause can be hibernation. 

4. Coldness

It’s already mentioned that mystery snails are very sensitive about their tank water.

If they feel that the environment is cold they retreat to their shell and stay until they feel the water temperature is ok. 

So always maintain the water temperature between 20 to 28 C. 

5. Hostile Environment

Mystery snail is known for its peaceful behavior. It never attacks the tank mate and does not show aggressive behavior. But if it faces aggressive behavior from the tank mate it will hide itself in its shell. As well as remain inactive until they feel safe.

6. Active at Night

Some mystery snails go active at night. In consequence during the day when you monitor your mystery snail you see the snail remain inactive. 

At night when the light turn off this type of mystery snail become active and explore themselves as well as eat food.

7. New Environment

When you add a new mystery snail to your tank for the first time it remains inactive which is very normal. It can take 1, 2 or 3 days to become active until it feels comfortable with the new tank water.

8. Eat Too Much

Mystery snails remain inactive if they eat too much. As a result, they stop moving and take rest. So this is not the case of concern. 

How To Treat Mystery Snails that Stopped Moving?

Sometimes mystery snails can stop moving which is normal. But if you observe that the mystery snail dormant situation is abnormal you can follow some technique, which is explained below. 

1. Adjust the Water Parameter

As mystery snails need comfortable water conditions you need to maintain the tank water parameter very strictly. Including temperature, water pH, tank size along with calcium. 

First assure that your tank water temperature is between 75 to 86 degree F. A high quality heater helps to head off and can help you to avoid additional fluctuations. 

Then keep your tank water pH level stable. If the water pH level ups and down it will make your mystery snail stressed as well as make it inactive. So keep the water pH level between 7.0 to 7.5. 

Also maintain the ammonia, nitrate and copper level zero. In this case you should keep snails depending on your tank size.

Otherwise overcrowding will create problems to maintain the chemical level. 

2. Change Water Regularly

Regular water changing has massive benefits for the aquatic snails and plants. It will help you to avoid chemical growth and keep the water dust free. As well as it assists to keep snails active. 

3. Feed Properly

If you do not maintain a healthy food habit for your mystery snail the ideal tank condition will not work.

So feed your mystery snail properly. Keep rich calcium food like cuttlebone, crushed coral, kales, lettuce, spinach, basil, cabbage, flakes and pellets etc.

4. Choose Right Tank Mate

Mystery snail is non aggressive and lives peacefully with other tank mates. If it gets attacked by another tank mate it will retreat into their shell.

So select the right tank mate such as Nerite snails, Cory Catfish, Ghost Shrimp, Guppies etc. 

5. Pick Right Mystery Snail

At the first time when you are thinking of buying a mystery snail keep in mind your tank size, selected mystery snail behavior and appearance.

Select a mystery snail which will suit with your tank size and observe the snail behavior such as is it active or in the dormant situation. Also monitor the snails’ appearance like snail shells are ok or cracked.

6. Allow Mystery Snail to Adjust with the new tank condition

After purchasing a new mystery snail give time to your snails to adjust with the new tank condition. Introduce your snail with the new water condition gradually. In the store most of the time mystery snails stay in a plastic bag.

So after getting a new snail, first put some water from your aquarium in the bag. Now wait and continue this process after half an hour.

Do this job until the bag is fully loaded with your tank water. 

How Long Can Mystery Snail Go Without Moving?

Mystery snails can stop moving for many reasons. Some possible reasons are explained above.

So if your mystery snail stops moving, check that they are facing the above mentioned problem or they have health issues.

If your snail’s health significantly collapses, your snail will stop moving until it dies. Or if your snail is sick it will stay in a dormant situation until it recovers, as well as only can come out for food.

Without eating and moving, mystery snails can stay in dormant situations for up to 2 weeks. Mystery snails can go dormant for approximately 13 hours after taking a meal.

Final Words

Mystery snails can stop moving which is very normal. If you are worried, find out why your mystery snail is not moving.

Also maintain a regular care to keep the snails healthy and safe such as feeding regularly as well as keep the water condition suitable.