Is My Mystery Snail Male or Female

There is no easy way to find out if the Mystery snail male or female. The natural functions of male and female Mystery snails look similar.

So, what can you follow to find out the difference between male and female snails? I know your mind raised this question.

This article helps you to get only two ways which help you understand whether your Mystery snail is male or female.

Note I collect the information from several journals and also test personally, and I easily make a perfect difference between males and females.

Is my mystery snail male or female

Mystery Snail Male or Female?

Though male and female snails come with the same shape, same color, and other physical elements, you will easily make a perfect difference between them.

So, check out the following section to make a perfect comparison and find out if the snail male or female.

1. Behavioral Differences

This natural process helps you understand whether the snail is male or female.

Both male and female snails have physical behavior, which you need to observe the proper way.

First of all, male snails always climb up to female snails because of impregnating them.

This behavior happens every day. Now, you can easily find out whether the snail is male or female.

Secondly, male snails always come with a peace mind, which means they are not aggressive.

On the other hand, female snails are sometimes aggressive; most of the time, they are uncomfortable staying with other water animals.

2. Physical Differences

Male snails never reproduce; female snails reproduce, and you see that their shell is translucent.

Moreover, you can see the male penis, which also helps you to understand whether the snail is male or female.

The shell is translucent when you are feeding a female snail.

Apple Snail Male or Female

If you want to know if the Apple snail is male or female, you should check out an experiment. What is the experiment?

First and foremost, the shell of the female adult snail curves inward when the male snail curves outward.

You will see this change and easily understand whether the Apple snail is male or female.

On the other hand, you will see the male snail stay on the female, which also helps you to clarify whether the snail is male or female.

What Does a Male Snail Look Like?

You will discover some common signs that help you understand that the snail comes with male or female characters.

I will make a list for you to check out and clear up your confusion.

-The male shell openings are rounder.

-They always climb up on the female snails.

-Accommodate extension of their penis during breeding

How Do You Know a Female Snail?

It is tricky enough to find a female snail from a male snail because their physical structures look the same.

But, a female snail comes with an inward curve, and when they meet a male snail, the male snail has an outward curve.

Moreover, the position in sex time of the snail, the female snail stays in the lower sides and never climbs up to male snails.

Are Female Mystery Snails Bigger Than Males?

There is no rule set that the female Mystery snails are bigger than males. Both of the snails come with a maximum of 1.5 inches long.

This size snail looks similar to both male and female snails, so it is hard enough to make a proper difference between them.