How To Tell If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Fertile?

Mystery snails are the major and common water creatures. These snail eggs, poop, and other things always have lots of information on the aquarium community.

But how to tell if Mystery snail eggs are fertile? Or which things help you to get a clear concept about this matter?

First and foremost, the fertile eggs come with pink color. Moreover, the fertile eggs have moldy prior to hatching.

Furthermore, the clutches of the Snail should be irregular. These points are common enough to judge whether the Mystery snail’s eggs are fertile or not.

You will discover three ways in this article that helps you understand whether eggs are fertilizers. So, keep reading.

How To Tell If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Fertile

How to Tell If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Fertile?

Here are the three points you need to measure so that you can easily check whether the eggs are fertilized or not.

  1. By Smelling Them
  2. By Observing Their Appearance
  3. By Putting the Eggs on the Towel

Let’s discuss this matter in detail so you can clear yourself. Note you can follow any of the ways to get your question answered.

1. By Smelling Them

This is a traditional way to find out whether the eggs are fertile or not. However, the eggs are fertile, so the clutches are not smelling.

To start smelling, the clutch may take two weeks. The smell doesn’t smell like odor.

If you find this condition in the snail eggs, you may need to understand that the Mystery snail’s eggs are fertile.

2. By Observing Their Appearance

This is another way in which you can judge whether your Mystery snail eggs are fertile or not.

However, you can touch the clutches and feel that the eggs are very soft. Similarly, the eggs are down in the tank. In this position, the eggs should be fertile.

3. By Putting the Eggs on the Towel

To experiment this way, you should collect a damp paper towel. The fertile eggs never stain on the towel.

On the other hand, the infertile towel may come with stain problems on the towel. It is a common and easy way to work.

What Does an Infertile Mystery Snail Egg Clutch Look Like?

You may know that fertile snail eggs look pink in color. Moreover, the infertile snail eggs’ color looks red and is sometimes gloomy.

They also like dead flesh color as well as bloody color. However, you can’t measure the snail infertile to see only the color.

The damp towel paper is also working far better. The infertile eggs always come with stain problems with the towel paper.

So, you can also use these tricks to solve the problem.

My Mystery Snail Laid a Clutch of Eggs – What to do?

When the Mystery snail lays a clutch of eggs, you can put the eggs on the dry styrofoam.

It helps the eggs on the damp clutches of the plastic box. After that, you can leave them inside so that the aquarium can provide acclimatization.

Note you should be careful about this matter because of several reasons.

However, it would help if you used dry Styrofoam so that the eggs are not damaged.

Mystery Snail Eggs Stages

I am going to divide 4 sections of the Mystery Snail eggs growth stages. These stages are completed snail ages and lay the eggs as well as growth.

So, check out the following 4-sections and take proper steps to keep your Mystery snails healthy..

  • Stage 1 (1 to 2 days): In this stage, the eggs grow small, pinkish, soft, and round
  • Stage 2 (3 to 7 days): Their shell becomes hard and the color should be garnet brown
  • Stage 3 (7 to 10 days): Irregular shape and gray shades
  • Stage 4 (11 to 21 days): Varying growing size as well as moldy appearance

Mystery Snail Eggs Turning White

Don’t worry; the Mystery snail eggs turn white when they are laying the eggs. When the eggs come with mature stages, they become pink in color.

It is a common and natural process of snails. And all the snails use this process when laying the eggs in the tank.

So, you should not worry about this matter to think that it is a disease or other problem of Snail.

How to Tell If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Dried Out?

You will get some symptoms from this section, which will help you understand whether the Mystery snail eggs are dried out or not.

First of all, the snail eggs are not pink and generally come with a gloomy red color.

-The dried-out snail eggs spread a terrible smell. So, it would help if you kept in mind that the bad smell of eggs is dried out on your tank.

Sometimes the dried snail eggs come in dark brown color, which is another indicator of the dried eggs dried out.

How to Stop Mystery Snails from Laying Eggs?

It is critical to keep away your Mystery snails from laying eggs. To stop laying eggs or breeding, you can take the following actions.

-Try to keep the snails above on the tank.

-Some above ample on the tank so that they can stay on the ample and stop laying eggs

-Always try to keep the temperature of the above water section. You can use an aquarium water heater.

-The most common way to stop Mystery snails from laying eggs is to raise the water level.

What Color Are Mystery Snail Eggs?

You will discover two common colors from Mystery snail eggs, such as pink and dark brown. But, sometimes you will also see red.

First, the Mystery snails lay pink colored eggs and stay 8 to 10 days with this color when the eggs are fertile.

No doubt, the pink colored eggs never spread a bad smell.

Secondly, the Mystery snail eggs sometimes come in dark brown or red color, which means the eggs are infertile.

So, the color of the eggs depended on the egg’s conditions.

Are My Mystery Snail Eggs Fertilized?

The majority of the snail’s eggs are fertilized because of several reasons. But, sometimes, the eggs dry out, and they spread a bad smell.

So, you can also check if the eggs are fertile or not to maintain the above section. In Particular, you need to check out the color of the snail’s eggs.

How Long Does It Take for Mystery Snail Eggs to Hatch?

The Mystery snail’s eggs generally take 2 to 3 weeks to hatch. At this time, you will see the snails’ growing and changing shells.

During hatching time, the color of the snails becomes white and light. All of these things happen within 2-weeks.