How Good Are Shakespeare Fishing Rods?

Shakespeare fly rods are on the market for years. They are known for their affordability, build quality, and operational efficiency throughout the fishing community.

Many novices and even professional anglers consider it an average brand that suits weekend warriors. However, there is a lot to unfold about the company’s rods. That said, are Shakespeare fly rods any good?

Are Shakespeare Fly Rods Any Good?

Shakespeare’s fly rods are perfect for various segments of the angling community. The company offers a tremendous amount of variety to provide valuable tools for a hefty proportion of users. It offers a perfect combination of affordability, versatility, and operational efficiency for a sustainable fishing experience.

After knowing the significance of fly rods made by the company, we always wanted to help our audience understand the company’s best fishing rods. To that end, this blog aims to help you know the best fishing rods for the company. Stay tuned to learn more about Shakespeare and its top-rated fly rods.

15 Best Shakespeare Fishing Rods

When you search the internet for the best Shakespeare fly rods, a never-ending massive list of products further complicates the decision process. This is because the company offers a tremendous variety of fishing products to capture an enormous chunk of the fishing market, and there are other factors too. 

If you are a professional angler, you may have used either the Shakespeare store’s original fishing kit or any other brand’s product labeled as Shakespeare. Many brands on the market use the company’s brand image to capture high sales of their products.

To facilitate our audience in this regard, we have reviewed a compact list of the best Shakespeare original fly rods. You may select the one that meets your requirements and budget criteria.

1. Tidewater Spinning Fishing Rod- Overall Best

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The Tidewater Spinning Fishing Rod from Shakespeare outperforms every other on the list in terms of operational efficiency, durability, and overall working capacity.

It features a graphite reel seat that enhances the comfort and convenience for users in continuous angling. Most importantly, the overall design of the rod enables users to utilize it for many fish types.


The designers at Shakespeare have paid detailed attention to the enhanced working capacity of the tool. As a result, users have a tool that outplays many others on the market in versatile usage.

You can use it for many fish types, including Trout, Bluegill, Carp, Yellow Perch, etc. Moreover, you will love the durability of this device due to its stiff composite.


  • Graphite reel seats
  • Cushioned hoods
  • Multiple uses
  • Easy storage
  • Perfect eyelets


  • Not suitable for people looking for a highly lightweight option

2. Spinning Rod & Reel Combo- Best For Professionals

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This Spinning Rod And Reel Combo from Shakespeare makes the best fishing rod choice for professionals.

It packs exciting features such as a high-quality aluminum spool, top-notch Berkley bait, an excellent tackle, and ease of use. You will love the functionality of this fishing rod if you already know how to use a spinning rod for superior results.

Excellent Reel

When it comes to successful catches, no one can deny the significance of using a high-quality reel in the process.

This rod uses an excellent-quality reel to help professionals meet their expected weekly traps due to efficient working capacity. However, we would advise you to utilize a more extensive fishing line instead of the provided one if you go for pier fishing.


  • Well-made
  • Aluminum spool
  • Highly efficient Berkley bait
  • Highly suitable for professionals


  • Not suitable for newbies

3. Sturdy Stick Fishing Rod- Best For Reliable Operational Efficiency 

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The Sturdy Stick Fishing Rod from Shakespeare is famous for the reliability of its operational efficiency. It features a high-quality glass rod that enhances its usage capacity by reducing the overall weight.

However, it does not compromise the functionality of the rod. Instead, you can test the durability of this device in both saltwater and freshwater fishing; it does not disappoint.


High-quality material in the production of this glass fishing rod makes it a highly resistible device against rust and corrosion. The rod uses double bridging to enhance the overall line security during extended fishing. The rod also features a graphite frame and pinion gear mechanism to boost performance.


  • Graphite frame
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Works for both saltwater and freshwater fish
  • Double-bridged guides for enhanced durability


  • Newbies struggle with reel fixation.

4. Wild Series Fishing Rod- Best For Comfortable Handle

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Shakespeare Wild Series Fishing Rod is a highly suitable choice for people who want a perfectly comfortable handle without affecting the efficiency of the rod.

It features a highly convenient knob that enhances comfort and convenience for users in long-term use. Moreover, you will love the working of the aluminum spool on the rod for added convenience.

Highly Efficient Drag System

One thing that makes this wild series rod from Shakespeare stand out from the rest of its competitors is its usage of a top-notch drag system.

The drag mechanism of the reel prevents any damage to the fishing line due to its appropriate build quality. It also increases the likelihood of having a positive outcome in fighting big fish at the coast. 


  • Graphite construction
  • Excellent drag mechanism
  • Aluminum spool
  • Comfortable handle


  • Not suitable for people looking for a hefty reel

5. Catfish Spinning Fishing Reel Rod- Best For Catfish

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Shakespeare’s Catfish Spinning Fishing Rod makes the best choice for people who are looking for a top-notch rod for catfish. The overall design and working efficiency of this rod enhances its desirability and success ratio for catfish hunting. It comes with suitable accessories, including a tackle box, highly efficient float rings, and fishing worms.

Sufficient Accessories In The Box

Catfish hunting is not similar to trout and walleye catching, where anglers do not need any specific equipment/ accessories to get the job done. That is why the company has provided a complete set of accessories to help you have a better success ratio. For instance, it contains an ergonomic tackle box, catfish chunks, and helpful worms to help you get the job done.


  • Top-notch 14 lb fishing line
  • Highly efficient for catfish
  • Comprehensive accessory package
  • Works for Stripers


  • Needs improvement in the delivery

6. Sturdy Stick Casting Rod- Best For Catching Big Fish

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The overall working capacity and impressive design of the Shakespeare Sturdy Casting Rod make it an ideal choice for hunting big fish, including Catfish, Bluegill, Steelhead, Yellow Perch, White Bass, and many others. Interestingly, the rod replaces the traditional eyelet with a roller on end to enhance convenience for users in long-term fishing pursuits.

Balanced Operation

Designers at Shakespeare stores have paid detailed attention to crafting a rod that can be trusted in various work settings. The use of high-quality glass construction results in a balanced operation of the rod during extended use. The glass rod is lightweight, but it does not compromise the quality of operations. It meets users’ expectations in terms of sensitivity too.


  • Balanced operation
  • Perfect for catching big fish
  • Sturdy glass construction
  • Feels great in the hands


  • Not suitable for eyelets fans

7. Customize-It Rod- Best For Kids

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If you are looking for the best Shakespeare fishing rods for kids you may consider this Customize-it Rod Kit. The overall design and working efficiency of this rod enhance its desirability for school-going children.

Most importantly, the device is lightweight, which ultimately helps children practice fishing without experiencing any hand fatigue.

Sleek Design

Kids always prefer things that look fantastic and are easy to use. The designers at Shakespeare store paid massive attention to every aspect of the rod to carve out a perfectly balanced kit for the young anglers.

It works perfectly well for many freshwater and saltwater fish types. Moreover, kids can easily set up the device and start casting without involving any issues.


  • Eye-catching look
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Great for casting


  • Delivery needs improvement.

8. Contender Spinning Combo- Best For Sturdy Build Quality

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The Contender Spinning Combo from Shakespeare store is famous for its sturdiness and top-notch build quality.

It uses premium-quality components to deliver the strength and reliability users expect from a top-notch fishing rod. The rod features a high-quality aluminum spool and graphite composite blank for relentless build quality and performance.

Cork Handle

Not every fly rod on the market satisfies the users in terms of comfort and convenience of the handle. As a result, anglers cannot carry on their adventure continuously because of hand fatigue.

However, that is not the case with this device. It uses a high-quality cork handle that prevents hand fatigue and allows users to continue fishing without any interruption.  


  • Sturdiness 
  • Ergonomic spool
  • Convenient handle
  • Graphite blank


  • Minimal choices in terms of lures 

9. Alpha Spinning Rod- Best For Medium Use

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This Alpha Spinning Rod from Shakespeare works best for people who are medium users of fishing rods. It features a graphite spool that comes with an excellent combination of ball bearings for added smoothness.

Additionally, an efficient adjustment of the weight on the rod enhances its desirability for medium-heavy use. 

Multi-Disc Drag System

The availability of the multi-disc drag system on the device is helpful for users in many ways. Most importantly, the multi-disc mechanism helps anglers with saltwater fish that put up a great fight. As a result, you will enjoy a better catch ratio without any hassle. Moreover, the rod features an EVA handle that provides sufficient comfort and grip during long-term use.


  • Multi-disc drag
  • EVA handle
  • Smooth reel
  • Excellent ball bearing mechanism


  • Packaging needs enhancement.

10. AGLPCBO Agility Low Profile Baitcast Rod- Best For Relentless Sensitivity

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The AGLPCBO Agility Low Profile Baitcast Rod from Shakespeare is famous for the sensitivity it offers. The company uses premium-quality graphite composite construction to deliver the utmost sensitivity and reliability.

As a result, a highly sensitive rod helps you enjoy a better success ratio. Interestingly, the rod is also impressive in terms of weight management. 

Hybrid Grips

The availability of hybrid grips on the rod helps users securely hold the device for as long as they want. These grips are nothing less than a blessing for professional anglers as they help them continuously use the rod without any hassle. Additionally, you will find pinion gears on the rod that enhance the rod’s overall efficiency and line recovery.


  • High sensitivity
  • Brass drive
  • Pinion Gear Mechanism
  • Hybrid Tech grips


  • Complex reel settings for beginners

11. Alpha Medium 6′ Low Profile Fishing Rod- Best For Beginners

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The Alpha Medium-low Profile Fishing Rod from Shakespeare makes the best choice for novice anglers who struggle with complicated settings otherwise.

It offers enhanced convenience for newbies as the company sends a pre-spooled line so that users can kick-start their fishing journey. Moreover, you will love the functionality of the top-notch blank on this rod.

Tubular Glass Blank

The availability of a high-quality tubular blank design on this rod delivers the convenience novice anglers require for a smooth fishing experience. It feels great in hand, and due to the rugged structure of the blank, you can use this rod for a continuous fishing adventure.

All in all, the overall design and operational efficiency make it a great bait caster fishing rod for beginners.


  • Highly efficient glass blank
  • Hassle-free tuning
  • Easy adjustment of the tension knob
  • It comes pre-spooled for added convenience.


  • Not suitable for high-end use

12. Micro Series Spinning Rod- Best For Light Use

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Shakespeare’s store has designed Micro Series Spinning Rod to facilitate users that need a fishing rod for light uses.

The overall design and graphite composite construction of the rod enhances its desirability for weekend warriors. The micro-series also features a premium multi-drag system that helps users resist the fight put up by big fish.

Excellent Retrieval

The micro-series spinning rod features an excellent ball-bearing mechanism for dependable retrieval. You only need to utilize a proper retrieval method for a high success ratio.

In general, straight and twitching lure retrievals translate into better results. Moreover, the rod features graphite construction that enhances users’ convenience by decreasing the rod’s overall weight.


  • Excellent ball-bearing mechanism
  • 4 lb line included
  • Lightweight graphite construction
  • Dependable retrieval


  • Not suitable for big fish

13. Disney Moana Fishing Rod- Best For Quick-learners

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Shakespeare’s Disney Moana Fishing Rod is another excellent fishing rod for kids who are quick learners.

It packs impressive features such as a round knob design, finger guard, highly efficient anti-reverse mechanism, and top-notch aluminum spool that help make this device stand out from its competitors. You are also going to love the safety aspect of this fishing kit.

Highly Secure For Children

Not every fishing kit on the market is marked safe for school going. However, some great devices give the utmost priority to the safety aspect as they can involve severe injuries for the young otherwise.

Shakespeare’s Disney series is among the few that offer added safety features, including a finger guard, round knob, thumb button, and anodized spool for foolproof safety.


  • Rounded knob design
  • Ergonomic finger safety guard
  • Button extension
  • Anodized aluminum spool


  • Absence of the casting minnow

14. Amphibian Spinning Rod- Best For Female Anglers

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The Amphibian Spinning Rod makes the best choice for female anglers. Everything from its eye-catching appearance to split grips enhances its desirability for female users.

You have multiple options to consider in terms of the color of the rod. Additionally, it comes pre-spooled with a 6 lb fishing line that further enhances its functionality for female users.

Easy Swivel Of The Reel

Another great thing about this amphibian fishing rod series is the easy swivel of the reel which is useful for users in many ways. Most importantly, it helps you change your hand if you face any hand fatigue during long-term fishing.

The easy swivel of the reel also makes it a great option in terms of multiple usages as every member of the family can use it whether one is lefty or righty.


  • Perfect design for female anglers
  • Variety of color choices
  • 6 lb line
  • Smooth spinning


  • Customer care support needs improvement.

15. Pitchin Stik Spincast Rod- Best For Aged Anglers

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The Pitchin Stik Spincast Rod makes the ideal choice for users who want a unique combination of ultimate operational efficiency and convenience.

It features a high-quality 30-inch glass blank that does the job for aged anglers without compromising the efficiency of the rod. It also includes comfortable steel guides, a secured EVS grip, and an ergonomic reel.

30-inch Glass Blank

This spin-cast rod features a simplistic design to get the job done for aged adventurers. The availability of a 30-inch glass blank enhances the functional capacity of the rod, besides reducing the overall weight of the rod.

Using a glass blank does not mean you cannot use the rod for perfect fishing. Instead, you can enjoy years of successful trout catching without any hassle.


  • Ergonomic glass blank
  • Reduced weight
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Reel seats with twist-lock


  • Not suitable for big saltwater fish

Who Makes Shakespeare Rods?

The original Shakespeare rods come from the Shakespeare company located in Columbia, South Carolina.

It has a long history of providing valuable fishing equipment to the fishing community at an affordable price tag. Shakespeare is a more than a century-old company and is currently controlled by a giant fishing company called Pure Fishing.

The reason why we like Shakespeare more than its competitors is that it contains a perfect combination of affordability and operational efficiency. The rods may not replicate the sensitivity of costly premium brands. But, they get the job done for you without involving any hassle.

The designers at the company utilize a hundred and twenty years of experience in providing relentless fishing products to create great fly rods for a broad segment of the fishing circle. As a result, users can enjoy perfectly priced rods coupled with a persistent tackle and support system.

Evolution Of Casting Reels

For 120 years, the company has played a vital role in the development of fishing techniques and equipment. It always paved the way for improvement in terms of fishing reels and rods. Most importantly, the company invented the backlash brake that further led to the development of casting reels in the industry. 

As a result of inventing the backlash brake, the company experienced a hike in sales and brand recognition among the widespread fishing community.

Hall Of Fame

Due to enormous recognition among the masses and widespread acknowledgment of the invention of the backlash brake, the company got included in the National Sporting Hall of Fame in the last year of the fifties. This achievement further triggered the company’s zest for the creation of valuable fishing tools for the industry.

Is There Any Other Brand That Offers Shakespeare Fly Rods?

The success of Shakespeare further witnessed a spike after the company launched another brand called Ugly Stick fishing rods. Ugly Stick is somewhat the premium brand of the Shakespeare store and offers an exceptional fishing products range that is more expensive than original Shakespeare fly rod and reel kits. 

After its launch in 1976, Ugly Stick has seen remarkable growth as the angling community eventually started using its products. 

What Makes Shakespeare’s Brand Ugly Stick So Popular?

The sturdiness and premium fishing equipment become the hallmark of Ugly Stick products as the product amazed the users with its overwhelming features. It includes everything that makes robust fishing equipment that is second to none regarding the reliability and operational efficiency of the items sold.

The most critical aspect of Ugly Stick fishing rods is that they are helpful for many user types. Overall intelligent design and sturdy build quality ensure these tools stand the test of time without compromising convenience and comfort for users. In this way, everyone from a novice angle to expert fishing professionals uses Ugly Stick fishing tools quite often.

However, we have only included items from the original Shakespeare store for the sake of clarity and convenience for our audience. The overall weight of Ugly Stick devices is more significant compared to many models of Shakespeare. And, indeed, the cost is another decisive factor that led us to include only Shakespeare-specific models in the guide.

What Makes Shakespeare So Famous?

Shakespeare is a flag-bearer of providing the utmost convenience for users in terms of affordability, value for money, operational efficiency, and intelligently designed fly rods. A considerable proportion of the population tries to look for inexpensive things, and yet very functional. Shakespeare is for them. 

The company ensures the budget-conscious angling community gets the desired high-quality rods at a very competitive price tag. However, a low-priced fly rod does not mean it compromises the sensitivity and operational efficiency of the rod. The company’s rods stood the test of time and beat the huge competition to stand where it is now.

All in all, Shakespeare might be the right choice for you if you are looking for highly operational fly rods at a very competitive price tag. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes The Best Fly-fishing Rods?

The first thing you need to do is to define your definition of the best. Shakespeare outperforms many others on the market. If you are looking for a highly affordable, superbly functional fly-fishing rod. However, you are in the wrong place if the higher price and premium branding is what constitutes your definition of the best.

What Is The Best Around Fishing Rod From Shakespeare?

Tidewater Spinning Fishing Rod is famous for its all-around performance. It is second to none when it comes to operational efficiency, durability, and overall working capacity. It also utilizes a graphite reel seat that enhances the comfort and convenience for users in continuous angling.

What Is The Best Fly Rod For The Money?

In general, nearly every item from Shakespeare provides top-notch value for the money. HoweverAmphibian Spinning Rod from the company offers the highest value if we still differentiate one from the rest of the rods on the list 


We have tried to write a comprehensive blog on Shakespeare fly rods in this buyer guide. We reviewed in detail the top-rated Shakespeare fly rod models on the market in addition to discussing the company itself briefly. You can consider the following conclusive remarks for further assistance;

Tidewater Spinning Fishing Rod is the champion of all on the list. No one seems to beat the operational efficiency, durability, and overall working capacity offered by the Tidewater model. Additionally, the availability of a graphite reel seat enhances the comfort and convenience for users in continuous angling.

Spinning Rod And Reel Combo from Shakespeare makes the ideal choice for professional anglers. You will find a high-quality aluminum spool, top-notch Berkley bait, an excellent tackle, and ease of use in this fly rod from Shakespeare.

The Customize-it Rod Kit is the best Shakespeare fly rod kit for children. It features a lightweight, sleek design that enhances its desirability for kids. Most importantly, the device is easy to set up, and any child can set it up with little help from an adult. 

The Alpha Medium-low Profile Fishing Rod makes the best choice for novice anglers. The glass-blank rod comes with a pre-spooled line so that users can kick-start their fishing journey from day one.