Do You Really Need A Net For Pier Fishing?

If you’re a veteran angler, you’ll agree with me that fishing from a pier offers one of the best experiences. However, if you’re a beginner wondering what the benefits of pier fishing are, you might have to stop worrying too much about that.

One of the advantages of pier fishing is that it helps to eliminate the need for boats. With that, it means you can go fishing on a pier without a boat. Furthermore, pier fishing offers safe access, footing, and shelter areas, especially during unfavorable weather conditions.

As a beginner, for you to quickly land fish from a pier, you need to get the right equipment. Some of them include fishing rods, drop nets, pliers, bait buckets, and many more. But here’s a quick question; do you really need a net for pier fishing?

There are some cases when you do not need a net for pier fishing. For instance, you don’t entirely need it when you hook into a small fish. However, a fishing net is essential if you’re looking to land bigger fish with little physical effort and without damaging your fishing line.

There are many different pier fishing nets out there with varieties of functions. There’s a cast net, a small fishing tool that is useful for small catches. Other types of nets include gillnet, lift net, purse seine, and tangle net.

In the rest of this article, we’ll be further looking at the benefits of using nets for fishing. That’s not all; the post will also cover tips on how you can net a fish from a pier. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Do You Need A Net For Pier Fishing?

Undoubtedly, pier fishing offers one of the best experiences for anglers. However, you need to understand that it’s not always easy to land a fish from a pier due to a couple of factors, including your distance from the water. 

During pier fishing, once you’re able to hook a fish, you only have a few options. First, you can decide to reel it in. Apart from that, another method is to dead-stick the fish before retrieving it. 

While both methods are effective, you need to understand that they are inconvenient – this will even be worse whenever you find yourself dealing with bigger fish. That’s where the use of pier fishing nets comes into the scene.

With a pier fishing net, you’ll be able to land your catch easily without having to go through any physical stress. The fishing equipment will also prevent you from damaging your fishing line when you end up with bigger fish.

The most popular net for pier fishing is the drop net. They are often designed to pack many unique features. One of them is that the tool comes with a large net that’s usually attached to a pole suspended over the target area.

Why Do You Need A Net For Pier Fishing?

As earlier mentioned, there are lots of benefits attached to using a net for pier fishing. It saves you a lot of stress when trying to retrieve your catch from the water.

Pier fishing offers anglers a host of gun experiences; however, that’s only true if you utilize the right equipment. Some piers are usually high, meaning that it can be pretty tricky to land fish from such heights. Furthermore, catching fishing isn’t even a real deal compared to how to retrieve them from water.

As earlier mentioned, when it comes to retrieving your catches from water, there are a couple of options for you to use. However, of these methods, the best choice is using a pier fishing net.

Not only will the fishing equipment help to ensure the safety of your catches. Also, it prevents you from damaging your lines. Furthermore, it makes it pretty easy for you to retrieve the fish using little physical effort.

How Do You Net A Fish From A Pier?

Now that you know that fishing nets are essential for pier fishing, here’s another burning question; how do you net a fish from a pier?

In case you don’t know, pier nets, such as drop nets, feature several different metal rings. Two of the rings, which are primarily essential for you to land your catches from a pier, are connected with the help of a large cotton net.

A drop net is the best option if you’re looking to land your catches safely with little effort. That said, below are a few simple and straightforward steps to net a fish from a pier.

  • For you to net a fish, the first thing that you need to do is drop the fishing equipment into the baited area inside the water.
  • Ensure that the drop net goes right below the waterline.
  • After that, wait a little bit until the fish moves into the mouth of the net. Once that happens, what’s next for you to do is haul the catch-up.

Since the fish will still be attached to your fishing line, retrieving it will only be the best option when it drifts inside the net. That will ensure your catch is safely recovered, especially if you have a plan to release it back later.

That said, one of the features of most drop nets that make them perfect for pier fishing is that they come with a strong rope and a solid metal frame. The rope is firmly attached to the metal, making it easy for anglers to retrieve their catches using the net with less physical strength.

Best Pier Fish Net

1- Frabill Bridge/Pier Net

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One of the best-selling pier fishing nets that you can trust to land your catches safely is the Frabill Bridge/Pier Net. The fishing equipment packs a host of great features, including coming with a 36-inch mouth, enough to accommodate your catch.

Furthermore, the fishing net comes pre-rigged with a 50-inch long rope, making it possible for you to retrieve the fish with ease.

That’s not all; Frabill Bridge/Pier Net comes with a one-and-a-half-inch mesh, providing stability and making it pretty hard for your catches to escape once trapped inside. You can check here for more information regarding the product and how you can order it on Amazon.

2- Promar Deluxe Hoop Nets

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The Promar Deluxe Hoop Net is another type of net that you can consider using for pier fishing. I recommend the product because it offers excellent features, including coming with a 36-inch mouth. 

According to the manufacturer, Promar Deluxe Hoop Net comes with an “extra deep design and spook-proof polyethylene netting.” The benefit of this offering is that it helps to prevent the escape of your fish.

Furthermore, the product comes with a Zinc galvanized steel material, reducing rust on its rings. For more information on this product and its price, you can check here.

3- EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net

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Another product on the list of best pier fishing nets is the EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net. The fishing equipment comes with several features. One of them is the telescopic handle, which you can always extend up to 60 inches in length, depending on the depth of the water from the pier.

Furthermore, the product also comes with different mesh types, made of high-quality and durable material. Interestingly, EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net also has S2 Slider technology that makes it easy for you to control its length. You can check here for more information regarding the product.

4- Goture American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net

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The Goture American Fishing Cast Net comes with a strong nylon line, which provides powerful bearing strength for the fishing equipment. The product also comes with about 30 feet long handling for further casting.

Furthermore, Goture American Fishing Cast Net also comes with a copolymer monofilament ⅜-inch mesh, providing more room for most bait species. You can check here to read more about what the product has to offer, including how to order it.

5- INNI Large Net

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Next on the list of best pier fishing nets is the INNI Large Net. The fishing equipment, which is also ideal for other aquatic creatures like crabs and prawns, comes with several features.

First, the foldable fishing product is made of steel wire and nylon material which makes it durable. You can check here for more information about the product’s offerings, price, and how to order it.