Do Mystery Snails Eat Fish Eggs?

The mystery snail is a small and slimy creature. It can be found in a warm and moist environment. For their unknown natural habitat, they are known as a mystery. 

The mystery snail is a very intriguing creature. It can survive in a very hot environment.

Also, it is a very eternal snail. The interesting thing about them is that they can crawl out and scurry away if they dropped into boiling water.

Also, hobbyists keep it in their tanks for its unique pattern and bright color. Though it is very easy to keep in a tank with another fish species. Yet, hobbyists are afraid about their fish eggs.  They need to adjust their diet. 

In this post, we will recover the complete guide about the mystery snail diet and do mystery snails eat fish eggs?

Do Mystery Snails Eat Fish Eggs

Do Mystery Snails Eat Fish Eggs?

In short, sometimes the answer is difficult to say. Young mystery snails will eat the fish eggs if they get the opportunity but adult snails are not interested in them. 

But the proper answer is that the mystery snails will ignore fish eggs as long as they are feeding properly.

If they do not feed properly they will start to eat everything in their way. Including crumbs, fish eggs, and algae. 

That’s why feed your mystery snails regularly and keep the fish eggs safe from mystery. 

Why Do Mystery Snails Eat Fish Eggs?

Mystery snails are not aggressive and docile by nature. They do not attack other tank inhabitants. But they eat fish eggs as their food. There have some reasons. 


If the snail is hungry it will eat everything in its way. So if you keep mystery snails in your tank make sure you feed them properly. 

Lack of Calcium

To maintain growth and shells snails need calcium. And the fish egg is a great source of calcium. Mystery snails will eat fish eggs to extinguish their calcium craving.

Type of Mystery snail

It has already been explained that young mystery snails can eat fish eggs though adult mystery snails are not interested in it.

How Do Protect the Fish Eggs From Mystery Snails?

There are some ways to protect your fish eggs from mystery snails. 

Feed Regularly

Feed your mystery snails enough food to decrease their desire to eat fish eggs. Also ensure that you keep enough algae, biofilm, and plants in your aquarium. 

Ensure Sufficient Calcium

Make sure there is enough calcium gathering in the aquarium water. If there is not enough calcium you can increase it by adding a calcium supplement or water mineralizing.

Provide a Safe Place for Fish to Lay their Eggs

To protect your fish egg you can provide a safe place to lay their egg. It depends on the types of fish and preferences.

Some fish like to lay their egg in the aquatic plant, some prefer to bury their eggs, and some hide the eggs in their rock caves.

So observe your fishes and give them an ideal place before producing eggs. 

Separate the Snails

It can be a wise decision to separate the snails from the parent tanks. This technique helps you to minimize the chance of eating fish eggs.

After the fish eggs have hatched you can put your snails in the parent tanks.

But be sure you do not put any carnivorous snails because they will eat your fry.

Choose Mate Wisely

Chose a tank mate for your mystery with the same eating habit because they like to scavenge. It will stop them to eat too much and your fish egg will be safe from eating. 

Final Words

Mystery snails are a good addition for the hobbyists in their tank. But if planning for fish breeding needs to apply some techniques to save fish eggs and fry from mystery snails.

There are some easy and helpful techniques mentioned above, and following this aquarist can successful their dream.