Do Assassin Snails Kill Mystery Snails?

Assassin snails are types of a snail. They are most interesting and well known for killing pest snails quickly and easily.

Assassin snails are found in California, Texas, and the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida.

Assassin snails have a long, thin body and sharp, retractable claw to catch their prey. It Injects lethal poison and victims die from asphyxiation or heart failure.

Some aquarists are concerned that the assassin snail might eat the mystery snail. So far, first need to understand the assassin snails’ diet, behavior, and life cycle.

It will help to understand this killer-targeted snail and fish. Let’s define the killer’s behavior, diet, and life cycle.

Do Assassin Snails Kill Mystery Snails

Assassin Snail’s Diet, Behavior, and Life Cycle

Assassin snails are known for their venom and hunting habits. It is a successful snail species on this planet. In addition, an assassin snail generally grows about 3/ 4 of an inch long and a mature snail can grow to be upwards of 3 inches.

A good shape assassin snail can live around two years. Yet, with plentiful food and good water condition, it can live longer.

According to some aquarists, their assassin snails live more than five years. Assassin snail’s behavior is still secret. It is not only known for its aggressive behavior but also unknown for targeting specific prey.

It is an efficient hunter. However, fast speed and razor-sharp teeth make it the deadliest creature.

Because scientists claimed that it can paralyze prey within a very short time with its venom.

What do the assassin snails eat?

In short, assassin snails are carnivores, which means only eat meat. They basically target to eat pest snails.

But sometimes an assassin snail can be unsuccessful if other snail cavity is too small. Because the assassin can not enter the cavity.

Yet, assassins ignore if anything size is less than 1/10th of their size. These snails love to eat Ramshorn snails, pond snails, and Malaysian Trumpet Snails.

Do Assassin Snails Eat Mystery Snails?

Aquarists keep some assassin snails to balance the snail’s population. As assassin is carnivores they panic about their mystery snails.

The answer is that assassin snails is an opportunistic carnivore. Any big or small snails is not safe from assassin snails. Though it eats pest snails if it gets interested it will attack the Mystery snails with a gang.

The assassin snail is an important part of the environment. It plays a vital role to control other invertebrates’ populations. Though it eats pest snails, if get the opportunity can attack mystery snails also.