Cobia 240 CC Review (2024): Is This Fishing Boat Right for You?

We’ve tested dozens of boats and have experience fishing everywhere, from bays, creeks, and inlets to deep-sea, and offshore expeditions.

We’ve decided to give Cobia 240 CC a try because it’s one of the top-selling boats in its category, bought by both anglers, and people who want a boat for relaxation, hanging out, and island-hopping.

We found Cobia 240 CC to be a fantastic boat that tops the competition in many categories and areas. It’s beautifully designed but not at the expense of functionality. While it might have slightly less performance capability than top-competition models, it compensates undoubtedly with huge amounts of comfort and functionality regarding storage and efficiency.

This review will give an objective insight into Cobia 240 CC’s best and worst features and determine if this fishing boat is right for you depending on what you want out of it. We’ll get into its technical and performance features and benefits, overall size, storage capacity, versatility, and more.

By figuring out all the pros and cons, we’ll ultimately compare Cobia 24 CC to its top competitors to get a better insight into what makes her so desired among boat owners.

If you’re on the verge of buying a boat and need a professional opinion about Cobia 240 CC, you’re in the right place.

Cobia 240 CC Overview

Cobia 240 CC Overview

Cobia 240 CC is a hybrid boat designed to have comfortable riding capabilities, be it inshore or offshore. What makes this boat such a desired option is the modern design and a choice between several colors, making your Cobia that much more personalized to you.

This boat can take you far away from the coastline thanks to the big fuel tank it packs, but it also has a very shallow draft, making it amazing for island-hopping or shallow-water fishing. Creeks, bays, inlets, rock formations, and reefs are all available to Cobia comfortably and seamlessly.

It’s a very good boat for all purposes because it’s an incredible combination of fishing features, enough even for tournament purposes, comfort to host family and friends, and a modern, eye-catching design. The hull’s design and relative lightweight will help cut through the waves and chop and maneuver in the shallows.

125-gallon fuel tank

Cobia 240 CC is a redesigned and improved 237 CC, which can boast a huge 125-gallon fuel tank. That’s more than almost all other competition can acclaim, allowing you miles and miles of riding on a single full tank. 

That’s yet another thing that makes this boat great for slicing through sandbars in cruising along the coast or island-hopping, trying to find that perfect, private paradise for you and your loved ones. On the other hand, it’s even better when you can also venture out into the deeper sea and attack your fishing records.

However, what makes the 240 CC even better is how efficient it is for fuel consumption. Of course, going full speed all the time consumes the most fuel. If you want to go for efficiency and find the most economical cruising pace, keep it around 4000 rpm and 33 mph. The numbers will need to be slightly adjusted depending on how much weight you carry on the boat.

That pace will ensure around 2.5 miles per gallon, meaning you can travel over 300 miles on a single fuel tank. Even for many bigger boats, that’s amazing – comparable models to Cobia 240 CC max out at around 250 miles per tank. If efficiency is not your concern, but speed is, this boat still won’t disappoint you.

300 Horsepower

Cobia 240 CC packs a mighty punch. It comes in several different setups, though. You can choose between either single or twin outboards packing a nice 300 HP. The boat itself is not as light as some other models (because it’s more comfort-oriented), so we recommend choosing the twin version for more pull, even if it accumulates a bit less HP.

The boat we tested had a single Yamaha F300 that managed to propel a 4500 lbs boat with four grown men and at least 300 lbs of cargo to a nice 50 mph. We believe that a lighter setup and cargo combined with perfect weather conditions can push the 240 CC to 55 mph, but we cannot guarantee, as we haven’t put our theory to the test.

Still, going 50 mph in this boat feels seamless – no backlash, no management or control difficulties, and minimal splashing. Combined with some other technical features, that kind of power allows you to destroy waves and painlessly carve through chop. The 50 mph isn’t the fastest mark among comparable boats, but it’s fast enough to satisfy all your needs.

17-inch draft

The draft is the distance between the water surface and the bottom of your boat’s keel. In simpler terms, the draft is how deep the bottom of your boat gets when in the water.

The 17-inch draft that Cobia 240 CC has is right around the golden middle, meaning it’s deep enough to provide stability when conquering offshore waters but shallow enough to penetrate even the smallest inlets and shallow fishing hotspots.

That’s one of the features that make this boat so appreciated among peers. There are models with an even more shallow draft, but they can’t compare to 240 CC’s offshore performance.

What’s also quite interesting is that this model weighs over two tons, which is quite a lot for a boat its size. However, that feature takes nothing away regarding the draft depth, stability, or deadrise degree, as you’ll see later on. It only seems to provide you with extra stability and easier control in sharp turns and time-sensitive maneuvers.

21.5-degree deadrise

When you ride a boat, the higher the speed you achieve, the higher the deadrise degree will be. To completely simplify, it’s the degree that your boat angles to the back compared to the horizontal plane. The higher the degree, the less stability you’ll have, especially when at top speed.

Cobia 240 CC has a 21.5-degree deadrise. It’s quite a petite angle considering the size, weight, and power of this boat. You can thank a well-made ensign for making this happen, as it seriously impacts the riding experience when going farther from the shore at high speeds.

Again, more lightweight inshore/offshore hybrids in the same price range might have even less deadrise, but they lack other features, such as comfort, storage, and fuel capacity.

No wood manufacture

Avoiding wooden materials through the boat might seem like an unfinished job, but that’s not the case with Cobia 240 CC. The fact that there’s no wood keeps all the construction components intact for years. This is a very reliable boat that will stay reliable for years, and the maintenance costs will be significantly lower than the average in the same category.

The 240 CC uses 237 CC’s proven, tested hull design and combines it with a modern layout with level floors from the front to the back of the boat. There’s enough room to walk around the optional enclosure in the middle of the boat. That means you’ll have no obstacles when running around your boat, battling your toughest catches.

Optional 3-sided enclosure

If you want some extra protection (which we highly recommend), there’s an optional 3-sided enclosure available for the Cobia 240 CC. It’s 3-sided with the steering and console within, with a T-shaped powdered hardtop, providing extra protection from nasty weather conditions. The enclosure will also bring you additional storage capacity, which we’ll talk about more later.

You also have the option of leaving the 3-sides open or putting in fiberglass windows for even more protection. It looks and feels incredible, but you’ll have to pay a little extra for that. However, if you want the best experience you can have with Cobia 240 CC, you should go for it.

It’s awesome to have not only for visual purposes but for protection and practicality as well.

Level floor

Level floors might be irrelevant for people who aren’t planning on fishing that much. However, every obstacle can mean failure for tournament anglers, so the level floors across the entire boat are something that not many boats can provide you with, especially not boats with this much storage area.

This way, you can run around the boat trying to catch a fish, knowing that you won’t stumble over a step or something similar. This feature is not only great for anglers but for those who are trying to find a family-friendly boat. If you have children, you can let them goof around the boat, knowing there’s nothing they can trip upon. 

The best thing about it, though, is that the hull is pretty deep, meaning you’ll have a lot of protection when walking around the boat. It feels as if there were additional railing, but in reality, it’s just the fact that the floor is quite deep, making the entire boat appear even more spacious.

But, what makes Cobia 240 CC better than any other similar model we’ve ever had the opportunity to ride and fish on is all the storage you have. It’s enough to satisfy even the most demanding anglers or to pack full-day supplies for a nice family island-hopping getaway.

Storage capacity

It’s hard even to count all the storage area that is available on the boat. It includes dry lockers, self-draining compartments, bait wells, release wells, rod stands, coolers, and much more. We’ll try to go through everything, just to give you the full picture. 

Most hybrid boats designed for inshore and offshore performance lack the storage capacity for heavy-hitting offshore equipment, but the Cobia 240 CC isn’t one of those boats.

Firstly, you can find a huge self-draining compartment underneath the wraparound seating in the bow (front of the boat). The space inside the compartment is great for storage or as an extra area for fish if you are lucky enough to catch a whole lot of it.

There’s also a hatch in the sole down at the base of the bow that’s big enough for all your equipment, including fenders, lines, hooks, lures, and all other gear you might want to carry with you. If you’re not going fishing but rather spending some time with your family, this compartment can serve well as a storage area for extra clothes or supplies.

Heading to the console, it has a forward-facing seat that has a built-in cooler inside, keeping your drinks, raw bat, or other supplies fresh and chilled at all times. You can also open the entire console panel to get to a private head area, big enough to contain a sink, a pull-out shower, and a whole lot of space for turning around, even standing up.

Turning to the help side of the console (the side with the steering wheel and other controls), it carries even more storage space. You get two monitors on the dashboard and a leaning post as standard equipment. At the same time, there are optional armrests available along with three tackle boxes and drawers, incredible for any fishing occasion, tournament, or recreational.

Also available as optional equipment, there’s a hardtop powder-coated frame with a windshield that we already mentioned, but you’ll also get additional stowage space if you choose this option.

Moving to the back end of the boat, you get to the rear seats that you can fold away to provide extra room for fishing. But, the best part about it is that you’ll have access to a big Livewell in the transom. It is fully aerated and filtered, allowing fish to survive for hours until weigh-in before releasing or taking home for lunch.

Finally, there are two 33-gallon fish boxes inside the floor right in front of the fold-away seat. The manufacturers thought of everything when it comes to storage, placing Cobia 240 CC at the top of its class for anglers and recreational users.

Accessing all the systems is quite simple through several hatches, including battery and wiring hatches, and more system access through the transom.

Entertainment features

If you want a boat that’s versatile for entertainment purposes as much as it is for fishing, Cobia 240 CC will yet again meet all your requirements. It has a capacity suitable for ten people without a problem. There’s enough seating and walking room not to feel cramped up, even if one or two of those people decide to cast some rods into the water.

There are numerous cup holders and USB ports across the seating areas, making this boat even better to use for entertainment purposes. As we mentioned, there’s also the built-in cooler, something that’s usually a part of additional equipment – it’s standard equipment on the 240 CC.

Waterproof sub-woofer speakers at the front, the rear, and the console are also a part of the optional equipment, but if you’re planning on hosting your family and friends on the boat, we highly recommend taking them. Even if you’re mostly going to ride alone, it’s nice to have some background music to relax while on the water.

A level floor and a wide hull give you extra space, making this boat a perfect choice for sunbathing trips out in the open.

Toughest competitor – Shearwater 25LTZ

It seems that the Shearwater 25LTZ always finds its way on the list of the best 20-30 foot boats. It’s a great boat that fares well compared to the Cobia 240 CC but still lacks some features to put it over the top.

The 25LTZ has a bit higher top speed but a lot smaller fuel tank. However, instead of a 10-year warranty on the hull that the Cobia 240 CC has, the Shearwater 25LTZ provides a lifetime warranty. Also, it has a bit less draft, making it a bit more agile in the shallows. It’s not a significant difference, though.

The 240 CC has a lot more storage area, but the 25LTZ trades the in-console head area for a casting platform on the front side of the boat.

Finally, the 25LTZ costs a bit less, which is reasonable considering that it offers fewer features than the 240 CC.

Pros & Cons of the Cobia 240 CC


  • 125-gallon fuel tank allowing over 300 miles of riding
  • No-wood construction ensures rot-free operation
  • Very high storage capacity, including dry & self-draining compartments, lockers, live wells, and tackle boxes
  • Low maintenance
  • Smooth riding
  • Great inshore & offshore features


  • Larger draft & naked weight than some competitive models
  • No splash protection to keep fuel from burping into the cockpit
  • Lower top speed than some competitive models

Our verdict

Overall, the Cobia 240 CC is one of the best models available on the market in its class (size & price-wise).

It’s incredibly versatile for inshore and offshore adventures, be it fishing or hanging out with your loved ones. It handles beautifully and has enough storage even for the heaviest equipment, while additional amenities are oriented to provide the most comfortable ride.

Request a quote, check out further in-depth details, and buy a Cobia 24 CC on the manufacturer’s official website.