Can goldfish eat betta food?

Betta fish and goldfish are very popular aquarium fishes among aquarium owners, and to add them to their tanks. Also, both look attractive as well as require different diets along with different environments.

However, if you have both species and want to feed the betta fish food to your goldfish or if you have a shortage of goldfish food and have enough betta food, naturally, one question will come to your mind: can goldfish eat betta food?

In short, I assure you that your goldfish can eat betta fish food. You can feed it to your goldfish once or twice under some conditions. But it is not recommended to feed these foods for the long term.

Moreover, this article is for you if you want more information about your query and want to know the difference between fish diet and nutrition.

Can goldfish eat betta food

What Food Does Goldfish Eat?

Goldfish diet charts may vary depending on their environment. If they stay wild, their diet will be different from aquarium goldfish.

A wild goldfish can eat insects, plants and more things. But in the aquarium, they will eat what they get from you. In this situation, you should give them proper food to maintain their nutrition and grow properly.

Goldfish are known as omnivores. They need a good amount of protein as well as enough vegetables. If you feed them commercial food, they will manage their protein needs.

But you should know that feeding too much protein can create health issues, such as swimming bladder disease, gas and kidney failure. So feed your goldfish carefully.

What Food Does Betta Fish Eat?

Betta fish are attractive-looking surface eaters; besides, they are known as carnivorous fish. Like the goldfish, their diet also varies depending on their living place.

Betta fish eat insect larvae, worms, tiny fish, and insects in the wild. In addition, aquarium betta fish can consume various types of food.

You can feed them bloodworms, brine shrimp, betta flakes, betta pellets, daphnia and mosquito larvae.

Additionally, always select betta-formulated pellets from the pet stores as it is designed especially for betta fish and carry the actual amount of nutrition ingredients for your fish.

Hence experts recommended making the betta pellets the main food of your aquarium betta fish. As well as you can feed the foods mentioned above as a treat to your fish.

Can Goldfish Eat Betta Food?

Goldfish can eat betta food. But you can only feed it occasionally. Hence Betta fish can be fed for a couple of days. If you have no goldfish food, you can feed these to your fish.

Because every fish needs different types of nutrition, different kinds of fish food carry a specific nutritional value that can not satisfy another fish’s nutrition needs. Same as the betta fish food can not fulfil the goldfish sustenance.

On the other hand, goldfish are bottom feeders. They eat food that they get in the bottom or sometimes in the middle part of the tank. So your fish will not be able to eat the betta food until the food reaches the bottom of the tank.

However, keeping aside these reasons you can feed the betta food to your goldfish for one or two days if you have a shortage of goldfish food.

Is Betta Food Harmful To Goldfish?

Betta food is not harmful to your goldfish. The difference between betta food and goldfish food is its nutritional percentage. As both fish have different natures, one is carnivorous, and another is an omnivore.

A carnivorous fish such as betta fish requires much protein, a few plant matter-based food, and many animal-based proteins included in the betta fish food. This type of food will not create any digestion problems for the betta fish.

While an omnivore, the goldfish require many protein and vegetation-based food in their diet chart. Also, goldfish food includes protein and plant matter which can be digested slowly.

So it is clear that betta food does not harm the goldfish as it is free from the negative element. But it would be best if you did not feed it regularly to your goldfish.

Why Is Betta Food Not Good For Goldfish?

Some elements work behind this theory to avoid the betta food for goldfish. Each fish species has different types of commercial fish food to fulfill their sustenance requirement.

Every specific fish food is designed based on a specific fish’s digestive system and nutrition.

In this case, betta fish and goldfish have different digestive systems and require different nutrition.

So you can feed the betta food to your goldfish for a short time as it does not fulfill the nutrition requirement and does not contain goldfish types digesting matters.

Additionally, it would be best if you did not make it the staple diet of your goldfish or regular eating food.

How are Betta Fish Food and Goldfish Food Different?

Betta fish and goldfish belong to different types of fish species. As mentioned, different fish species have different nutritional values and digesting capacities.

Commercial fish foods include specific fish that require nutrition according to their digesting capacity.

Betta fish food includes a large amount of animal-based protein, vitamins, amino and minerals, which the betta fish can easily digest and is difficult for the goldfish.

However, goldfish need protein, plants, algae and vegetables. Besides, goldfish food maintains the exact amount of protein and food designed to be digested by the goldfish slowly.

These all reasons make the betta fish food and goldfish food different.

What Can Goldfish Eat Instead of Betta Food?

Many foods are available for the goldfish to eat when you have insufficient food. An aquarium goldfish can feed other commercial supplements instead of Betta fish food.

You can feed them skinless peas, broccoli or diced corn. Also, you can add other vegetables like zucchini, carrots or cucumber instead of betta food. These vegetables can be fed, cooked, or steamed.

As well as some fresh or dried bloodworms can be added to their diet chart. Or some foods, including watermelons, oranges, and grapes, can be a great addition to the goldfish diet chart.

Also, if you want, you can add some green leaves to feed your goldfish, such as lettuce, cabbage, silver beet and swiss chard. Additionally, some marine algae flakes make a great diet for aquarium goldfish.


How long can goldfish go without food?

For an extended period, goldfish can live without eating any food. Even without food, goldfish can live for over two weeks. However, it depends on the fish’s weight, body condition, and maintenance.

Also, in the wild, goldfish ignore eating food regularly. But if your goldfish is fed 2 to 3 times a day, it will be dangerous for your fish to live a long time without food.

So if you have no goldfish food, you can keep your fish without food for a short period.

Can bettas eat goldfish food?

Bettas can eat goldfish food in small amounts, but it should not be a staple part of their diet.

Goldfish food is often lower in protein and higher in fiber, which may not meet all of a betta’s nutritional needs.

In conclusion, many fish species are available in the aquarium world to keep them as a beauty in the home tank.

Betta fish and goldfish are one of them. Both fishes are popular among aquarists for their beautiful looks. They belong to different species and do not require the same nutrition and digestive system.

Both have different nutritional requirements and different digestion methods. So goldfish can eat betta food but not for the long term. You can feed betta food to the goldfish for a short period.