Best Fishing Rods For Beginners In 2024

Having proper fishing gear can help you outplay a variety of fish types. As a beginner, the rate of successful catches largely depends on using the appropriate equipment for the job.

However, things are not so easy. You have to dig into various things to make a perfect fishing kit choice. This guide aims to help you select the best fishing rod on the market that meets your needs.

The advancement of technology has revolutionized the way things used to be in fishing. Most importantly, it has created numerous fishing rod styles that suit the specific needs of anglers. You also have choices in terms of spinning and baitcasting reels.

We have reviewed a detailed list of world-class beginner fishing rods so that you can select the one that meets your style and needs.

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod – Best Overall

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The first on our list is PLUSINNO Fishing Rod which is famous for its flexibility and sturdy build quality. The combination of carbon and fiberglass enhances the sturdiness and makes this fishing rod highly durable.

Additionally, it features a highly efficient power drive gear mechanism that provides the torque and strength for seamless fishing.

Robust Build Quality

The overall design and sturdy build quality of this fishing rod and reel combo enhance the tool’s working capacity and operational efficiency.

We liked the combination of carbon and fiberglass on the rod that provides dependable support and strength during first-time fishing. Moreover, you will not have any issues with portability as it squeezes into a minimal shape.


  • Reliable construction
  • Corrosion-resistant reel seat
  • Highly durable rod
  • Excellent gear mechanism


  • Expensive

Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod – Best For Small Bass

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The provision of 4 graphite construction rods in this Wild Water kit is a defining aspect of this fly-fishing rod combo from Wild Water.

Everything from the rod’s weight to top-notch stripper guides helps novice anglers maintain stability and reliable speed of catching. It also includes a fly box, top-notch nipper, monofilament leader, ergonomic carrying case, and hook eye cleaner.

Perfect For Small Bass

This fly-fishing kit features everything that can help new fishers try small bass catching at the coast or canal side.

It contains a combination of 4 different rods that can help you in fishing many types of fish, including trout, walleyes, scad, and slab. Moreover, it includes a fly box with some flies that are second to none when it comes to small-scale fishing.


  • Graphite rods
  • Files included in the fly box
  • Bigger spool of 85 mm
  • Only 4.4 ounces rod’s weight


  • Difficulty in rolling out the fly line

KastKing Centron Fishing Rod- Best Lightweight

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If you are looking for a lightweight fishing rod, you may consider buying the KastKing Centron rod combo. It features a highly ergonomic design that reduces the overall weight of the rod without compromising operational efficiency.

Additionally, you will love the functionality of a top-notch handle design that helps you keep things going for a long time.

Ergonomic Handle

The kit from Kastking features an excellent handle that impresses users in many ways. Most importantly, it provides a reliable grip during extended use.

The handle complements the performance of steel guides as it enhances stability during fast-paced catching. Moreover, you will notice that the rod feels great in the hand and helps reduce hand fatigue during high-end fishing.


  • lightweight
  • Perfect reel size for walleyes
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Easy to carry


  • Not suitable for people looking for a heavy rod

Sougayilang Fishing Rod – Best For Non-stop Fishing

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The fourth on the list is the top-rated Sougayilang Fishing Rod. It packs impressive features such as a high-density fishing rod, tremendously efficient guide rings, an excellent ball-bearing mechanism, a sturdy and comfortable handle, and an exceptional spool design. As a result, you can consider it the best fishing rod combo for continuous fishing.

Comprehensive Package

Sougayilang offers a commendable list of items and accessories in the package that make this device stand out from others. You will get a portability box, spare pool, lure kit, sufficient fishing line, and a perfect fishing rod and reel combination.

Additionally, you will love the fact that you can choose among three different sizes suitable for various fishing needs.


  • Corrosion-resistant guide rings
  • Lightweight aluminum spool
  • Top-notch drive gear for added strength
  • Excellent quality ball bearings for enhanced efficiency


  • Not suitable for big saltwater fish

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods- Best For Trouts

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The most commendable thing about this Perigee II series rod and reel combo from Kastking is the availability of multiple sizes to suit numerous fishing needs.

You can choose from 29 different spinning rod sizes. However, the selected rod size makes the perfect choice for trout and other freshwater angles.

Additionally, the power transition mechanism in this series is worth considering.

Efficient Power Mechanism

Perigee II series is famous for its tremendous power-shifting mechanism that helps fishers maintain the utmost stability and bring desirable results.

The design of the rod enables the efficient flow of force throughout the rod for reliable fishing. In this way, you can use this rod for multiple fishing options including, trout, walleyes, bluegill, and carp.


  • Variety of sizes
  • Fuji-O rings
  • High-density reel seat
  • Commendable power flow system


  • An undesired small gap between the sections

Ugly Stik GX2 Fishing Rod Combo- Best For Smaller Hands

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The overall length of the Ugly Stik GX2 Fishing Rod Combo and EVA grips enhance the desirability of this kit for smaller hands. It features a single ball bearing that helps users in the seamless operation of the device.

Moreover, the combination of highly efficient graphite and fiberglass construction makes this device a reliable choice in terms of strength and sturdiness. 

Top-notch Drag System

This GX2 series from Ugly Stick features a highly commendable carbon fiber drag system that is useful for users in many ways.

Most importantly, it maintains the required balance and sturdiness of the rod during high-end fishing. It also means smaller hands can now produce outstanding results without putting in much effort.


  • Simplistic design
  • Perfect for school going
  • Powerful drag mechanism
  • Requires less force


  • The packaging needs improvement.

Abu Garcia Rod Combo- Best For Weekend Warriors

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Abu Garcia rod combo is always famous for its operational efficiency and top-notch working capacity. In the same way, this bait caster combo works fine in every department.

This combo kit provides the utmost reliability in terms of the durability of the rod and reel. As a result, Rod stays longer than many of its competitors on the market and is the best for weekend warriors.

Power Disk Mechanism

This bait caster kit from Abu Garcia features a top-rated disk system that translates into utmost convenience for users. It complements the performance of 4 ball bearings that enhance the smoothness of the overall fishing experience.

You can easily use the rod for jerk baiting without compromising the efficiency of a reel in the system. You can expect over 1000 catches per rod.


  • Easy line adjustment
  • Four ball bearings for seamless operations
  • Perfect for jerk baiting
  • Durability


  • Unimpressive shipping efficiency

ShinePick Fishing Rod Kit- Best For Sea Fishing

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This fishing rod kit from ShinePick is one of the best sea fishing rod kits on the market. High carbon construction of the rod results in dependable sensitivity with top-notch operational control.

Regardless of a relatively short body, the rod does not compromise the spool size and line capacity. Moreover, you will find the anti-reverse switch highly useful in fighting big catches.

Anti-reverse Switch

This device from SinePick features an anti-reverse switch mechanism that is indispensable for sea fishing these days. Big sea fish always resist more than many other freshwater angles.

As a result, you always need some additional features to fight them. The presence of an anti-reverse switch on this rod helps you get desired results with big sea bass.


  • High carbon construction
  • Top-notch sensitivity
  • Commendable line capacity
  • Non-slip handle


  • Uneasy folding

TOPFORT Fly Fishing Rod – Best For Multiple Uses

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Topfort’s fly-fishing rod makes the best choice for a highly versatile fishing rod for beginners. The kit’s overall operational efficiency and working capacity enable users to utilize the device in many work settings.

You can use it for sea fishing and freshwater angling without any restriction on fish size. Moreover, you will admire the quality stripper guide on this rod.

High-end Stripper Guides

Stripper guides are an essential aspect of any fishing rod. They help fishers deal with friction besides getting rid of heating issues during angling.

In many cases, poor stripper guides result in the destruction of fish lines which ultimately wastes the user’s time and effort. However, a high-quality stripper design prevents all these issues in this Topfort kit.


  • Versatility
  • Superior stripper guides
  • Spacious carry bag
  • No loose swings


  • Absence of dots that help in lining up the edges

QudraKast Fishing Rod – Best For Whole Family Use

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QudraKast’s fishing rod makes the appropriate choice for people wanting a long rod. It erects to 7 feet, and users can fold it down to place it anywhere they want. It means you are not going to have any portability issues with the device.

The device packs all the essential accessories in a single box. Additionally, you will commend the overall working efficiency of the kit.

Relentless Working Efficiency

Apparently, the device size looks smaller. However, it extends to nearly 7 feet without involving any issue of binding up. The bearings in the reversible reel deliver the desired performance and enhance the smoothness of the overall fishing experience.

Additionally, you will not have any backpacking issues with this fishing rod combo as it collapses to be kept under any car seat.


  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • Reversible handle
  • Highly portable
  • Bundle of accessories


  • Difficulty inlining the reel

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod Kit- Best For Comfortable Fishing

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This saltwater PLUSSINO fishing rod series is the champion of providing a comfortable fishing experience to newbies. The rods feature a highly comfortable foam grip that comforts the users during hours-long fishing.

A softer grip does not mean it compromises the stability and efficiency of the rods. Additionally, the overall weight of the rod is convenient for users of any age.

Ease Of Operation

Novice anglers always want a set of rods that is easy to use and operate. The provision of smooth eyelets, sturdy build quality, and ergonomic reel design make this device stand out from the rest.

This fishing kit’s overall design and weight make it an exceptionally well-built rod set for any beginner. Overall, the rod is impressive, given the price tag.


  • Convenient 
  • Top-notch eyelets
  • Requires less effort
  • Enhanced sturdiness due to power drive gear


  • Hooks may require a decent replacement.

Wakerman Fly Fishing Rod- Best For High-quality Fly Line

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You can trust this Wakerman’s fly-fishing rod kit if you are looking for an exceptional-quality fly line in the kit.  The company provides 45 feet-fly line that is sufficient for medium to high-end use for beginners.

You also get sturdy 8 ft fishing rods, ergonomic reel design, sufficient Nylon tapered leader, and a couple of dry flies in the package to get things started for the first time.

Instructions Included

Novices have to spend hours getting ripped up on the water for the first time.

The reason is that many fly-fishing rods on the market do not provide instructions or suggested techniques for successful results. But, newcomers require some assistance for hands-on experience.

That is why Wakerman has included suggested techniques to help new anglers get amazing results.


  • 45 feet fly line
  • Nylon tapered leader 
  • Easy learning
  • Instructions included in the package


  • Not suitable for high-end fishing

Zebco Rambler Fishing Reel – Best For Portability

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Zebco’s Rambler fishing rod combo makes the best choice for people who are looking for highly efficient mobility of the rod. It erects to 6 feet during use, and you can quickly collapse the entire rod into an impressive 18.5-inch shape when not in use.

It also features an excellent QuickSet anti-reverse system that increases the smoothness and operational efficiency of the kit.

Compact Design

Zebco has paid detailed attention to making a fishing kit that is super mobile and collapses to a minimal size when not in use.

You will find a high-quality front cover that increases the sturdiness of the rod during an extended fishing adventure. Moreover, the inclusion of metal gears in the reel enhances the device’s reliability in terms of consistent results.


  • Perfect mobility
  • QuickSet anti-reverse feature
  • Collapses to only 18.5 inches
  • Metal gears for relentless retrieval


  • Insufficient instructions for novices

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Rod – Best Value For Money

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The PLUSINNO kids fishing rod kit offers a bang for the buck. It packs all the essential features of an exceptional fishing kit at a very competitive price tag.

Everything from a high-quality reel to a reliable fishing line and storage bag to included accessories makes this device well worth the money. All in all, it makes fishing a fun activity that helps kids learn faster and better.

Fiberglass Construction

The fishing rods in the kit feature a sturdy fiberglass construction that enhances the reliability of rods for light to medium use. Keeping in mind the weight-bearing capacity of the kids, the company uses a perfect combination of fiberglass and sturdy plastic with an EVA handle that complements the convenience for first-time anglers.


  • EVA handle
  • Great value
  • Convenient for small hands
  • Enhanced safety due to a spin cast reel


  • Not suitable for anglers looking for a heavy-duty fishing rod

Ugly Stik Hi-Lite Fishing Rod- Best For Relentless Sensitivity

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This Hi-Lite Fishing Rod model from Ugly Stick is famous for its straightforward tip design that makes this device stand out. Clear tip design is one of the premium ones in Ugly Stick models.

In addition to stringent durability, the straightforward tip design enhances this model’s sturdiness and operational efficiency. High-quality guides on the rods enhance the overall user’s convenience. 

Multi-disk Drag Mechanism

The kit also features an excellent multi-disk drag system that is convenient for users in many ways. Most importantly, it helps them maintain balance during high-end fishing, besides reducing the effort required for the activity.

Moreover, the drag system enhances the kit’s sensitivity so that the success rate of catching many fish types increases many folds. 


  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Powerful drag system
  • 8 lbs test line
  • Enhanced strength due to clear tip design


  • The packaging needs improvement.

Zebco Telescopic Fishing Rod – Best For Ease Of Use

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This Zebco Telescopic Fishing Rod is famous for its easy usage. Novice anglers often get stuck in the complicated operations of high-end fishing rods.

However, that is not the case with this efficiently designed telescopic fishing rod. Every component of the rod complements the performance of the entire mechanism to bring about consistent results.

Perfect For Moderate-fast Working

The inclusion of features such as QuickSet anti-reverse mechanism, compact shape, highly ergonomic reel, dependable gear ratio, and enhanced retrieval mechanism makes it suitable for moderate-fast fishing.

Additionally, beginners will love the convertible hand retrieval system that helps them work with both hands as they may feel hand fatigue in earlier operations.


  • Easy to use
  • Tangle-free design
  • Dependable retrieval system
  • A top-notch gear ratio of 3.6:1


  • Not suitable for professional anglers

Berkley Cherrywood Fishing Rods- Best For Ergonomic Design

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The designers of Berkley Cherrywood fishing rods value simplistic and ergonomic design the most. It does not involve any complications and gets the job done without involving any hassle.

Everything from highly efficient guides to inserts lining up is done, considering in mind the convenience for new anglers. Moreover, you will admire the reel attachment that enhances the user’s convenience.


The best part of this Berkley fishing rod kit is that it allows for excellent customization of the rod. You can pair it up with any supportable tool to create a hybrid setup.

The availability of a superb blank enhances the overall sensitivity of the rod. As a result, the rate of successful catches improves a lot. The cork handle provides a dependable grip with utmost comfort.


  • Comfortable reel seat
  • Excellent guides on the rod
  • Customizable
  • Cork handle


  • Delivery needs improvement.

ODDSPRO Fishing Rod Kit- Best For Casting Practice At Home

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This portable fishing rod kit from Oddspro is famous for the availability of a casting plug in the package. It helps children practice casting at home without any hassle.

Kids’ safety is the primary concern of many parents when it comes to selecting a fishing kit. However, the use of soft material in the production of the casting plug ensures the well-being of children. 

Efficient Operation

If you are looking for a reel that you can try before going for high-end conventional spinning gear, you may consider this one from Oddspro.

It will help you develop casting skills without involving any danger of getting hurt. With the press of a button, you can start casting as it automatically involves the reel. Moreover, the switch also facilitates the locking of the line.


  • Perfect for casting practice
  • Easy release 
  • Straightforward reel setup
  • An ergonomic bag is included in the package


  • Absence of instruction manual

Milerong Fishing Rod – Best For High Elasticity

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The use of high-density carbon construction in this Milerong rod and reel combo results in top-notch elasticity. As a result, novices can enjoy fishing without worrying about the resistance shown by the fish.

A high-density rod is also helpful in an efficient release of tension from the line and successful hooking. Moreover, an ergonomic handle complements the performance of rods.

High-Quality Spinning Reel

There are two most important aspects of any spinning wheel that decides its quality. The first one is its speed which is followed by an efficient retrieval rate.

Both of these factors play a major in achieving successful outcomes. Interestingly, this rod combo from Milerong outperforms many others in terms of spinning speed and retrieval rate to help catch bigger fish.


  • Dependable elasticity
  • Sufficient retrieval rate
  • Exceptional spinning speed
  • Adequate accessories in the package


  • The quality of the lures in the package is not up to the mark.

PLUSINNO Fishing Kit – Best For Compact Reel Design

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The last one on our list is another kids’ PLUSINNO special fishing kit. It features a precise spinning reel that makes it the perfect choice for kids under 10. However, it does not mean any elders cannot use the rod.

Elders will have even more efficiency with the bail compared to young ones. The overall rod kit is lightweight and convenient for a user of any age.

Result-Oriented Design

When it comes to highly efficient design, no one seems to beat PLUSINNO tools. Everything from a highly sensitive casting rod to a spinning reel complements the performance of the system.

The smoothness of the rotation enhances its desirability for slow trolls. Additionally, the availability of an instruction book in the package further helps kids land perfect catches.


  • Suitable for kids and adults alike
  • Highly sensitive casting rod
  • Perfect for slow trolls
  • Detailed instruction book included


  • Bigger hooks

Fishing Rods For Beginners Buying Guide

What Is The Best All-around Fishing Rod?

After analyzing numerous factors in a lot of top-notch fishing rods on the market, we believe PLUSINNO Fishing Rod is the overall best choice. It features carbon and fiberglass construction that makes the device stand out from the rest in terms of reliability, convenience, rod sensitivity, and successful catches.

How Do You Pick The Right Fishing Rod Length?

The solution is easier than you think it is. It would help if you based your decision on casting distance. You will have to buy an enormous fishing rod for a longer casting distance and vice versa. However, a medium range of 6 to 9 feet is sufficient for various fishing needs.

Do Pawn Shops Take Fishing Rods?

Fishing equipment is one of the most valuable items for anyone who loves adventure with water.

You can easily trade fishing rods at any pawn shop if you own a top-notch fishing rod that comes with the sturdy build quality. You can also exchange other fishing equipment including, spinning reels, lures, and high-end tackle boxes.


We have included many fishing rods in the list in the detailed article to help everyone find the one that best suits them. You can check the following conclusive remarks about our top picks for further assistance;

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod is the overall best. It outperforms every other item on the list in terms of durability, built quality, reel smoothness, and operational efficiency.

Wild water fly fishing rod is the best fishing rod for small bass. The 4 different rods in the package help you fish many types of angles, including trout, walleyes, scad, and slab. 

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Rod offers a bang for the buck. It features fiberglass construction and does the job for beginner anglers on a tight budget.