Best Color for Ned Rig

The Ned rig has become one of the most popular bass fishing techniques in recent years. This new fishing setup is effective and will get the bass to bite even in tough conditions.

But what is the best color for the Ned rig? Green pumpkin, goby, and craw colors are the best colors for the Ned rig bait. Keep the color of Ned rig bait as natural as possible to encourage fish into biting. Ned rig baits are effective throughout the year as they mimic nearby food sources and are a great lure for bass in harsh conditions. 

Keep reading to discover what is the Ned rig and how to use it to catch more bass.

What Is the Ned Rig?

The Ned rig is a finesse fishing technique created by Ned Kehde. This fishing method involves using craws, plastic worms, or a small stick bait with a light mushroom-style jig head so that it can float off the bottom.

According to Ned Kehde, the Ned rig’s creator, this fishing technique refers specifically to using a small ElaZtech soft plastic bait rigged on a light wire attached to a mushroom head jig. But in truth, the Ned rig varies slightly depending on an angler.

The Ned rig contains any small 2 to 4 inches plastic bait rigged on a ball head jig or mushroom-style jig. This type of bait is almost always thrown using spinning gear and is cast out, permitted to hit bottom, and then slowly retrieved. 

The Ned rig was popularized in Midwest and is often referred to as the Midwest finesse rig. The new finesse fishing technique is highly effective on many different fish species, from trout to bass, to catfish.

The Ned rig has become a go-to fishing bait for bass anglers fishing in rough conditions. The rig’s small profile and subtle action in water allow the fisherman to use it in ways that mimic prey. 

How Do You Use a Ned Rig?

Once appropriately rigged, the Ned rig can be used in many different ways to catch bass. Use the Ned rig from shorelines, grass beds, points, boat docks, shallow reefs, and flats beyond the banks. 

Although there are many ways to fish a Ned rig, anglers need to know that this finesse technique often has a no-feel presentation. In most cases, there is no indication of a fish biting, but reeling in the bait will uncover a fish on the line.

Here are several ways to use a Ned rig effectively to catch more bass:

1. Swim, Glide, and Shake Technique

This is the most common way to fish the Ned rig and is best used when fish are feeding aggressively. Cast the rig, let it hit bottom, and retrieve it by reeling it in. To attract the fish into biting, shake the fishing rod when the bait falls to the bottom and again when starting to retrieve the rig.

2. Straight Swim Technique

This simple, do-nothing fishing technique is perfect for fishing in areas with vegetation and grass beds. Cast out the Ned rig, keep the rod still, and slowly reel in the bait along the bottom or higher in the water to catch suspended fish.

3. Drag and Shake Technique

This is another simple but effective technique best used when fishing in tough conditions. Cast out the lure and slowly reel it in along the bottom. Shake the tip of the rod to move the bait in the water.

4. Hop and Bounce Technique

Use this method when there is a lot of crawfish in the water. Using the crawfish plastic allows you to mimic the movements they make on the bottom, tricking the bass into biting.

Cast out the lure and let it sit at the bottom for a few seconds before reeling it in and letting it drop on the bottom again. 

5. Stroll Technique

The stroll technique is a modified version of trolling with a trolling motor. This fishing method allows anglers to cover large flats when fishing for bass. 

Cast the Ned rig and let it settle before allowing the trolling motor to pull it along the bottom. Rinse and repeat to cover all areas bass like to hind in.

10 Best Colors for Ned Rig

There is an array of Ned rig color options to choose from. But, most anglers prefer using natural colors as they are effective in clear water and tough water conditions. 

Check out the 10 best colors of Ned rig baits:

  • Green pumpkin: The green pumpkin is the best bass lure color, and it holds well in a variety of fishing scenarios 
  • Goby bite: Golden to green-colored goby bait mimics several different worm-like baits and is effective for bass fishing
  • Green pumpkin flash: These are essentially green pumpkin-colored baits with a silver flake
  • Golden shiner core: The shimmering gold color creates some flash in the water and is particularly effective at catching smallmouth bass
  • Bamer craw: Bamer craw is another variation of the green pumpkin color. This bait has a green pumpkin top and an orange bottom
  • GP blue flash tail: This color mimics the color of baby bluegill and is the most effective for catching bass during summer
  • Watermelon red core: The watermelon red core-colored baits are very effective pre-spawn and during the spawn
  • Fried melon: Featuring a clear pumpkin color on one side and a watermelon color on the other, this bait is effective for catching bass during summer and fall
  • Hillbilly magic: Featuring a greenish tint with gold or silver flakes, these baits are best used for Ned rigs during summer, fall, and winter
  • Bluetonium green pumpkin core: These blue-tinted baits resemble bluegill and have a dark blue or bluish-purple to yellow color

How to Choose the Best Color for Ned Rigs

Always choose natural colors for Ned rigs. Green pumpkin, goby, and craw colors are some of the best choices and are effective in different bodies of water. 

To match the color of the Ned rig with the water’s clarity, use green pumpkin-colored baits in clear waters and blue-black baits in murky waters.


The Ned rig is a simple but very effective fishing technique. There are several different ways to use a Ned rig, but most anglers use lightweight jig heads to create the right movements in the water. When choosing the color of Ned worms, keep it as natural as possible based on the conditions you’re fishing in.