Are Ugly Stik Rods Good?

Ugly Stik is a fishing equipment company best known for making affordable and extremely durable fishing rods. This company has been in business for many years, but you may wonder, are Ugly Stik rods good?

Ugly Stik fishing rods are good, inexpensive, and durable rods. This fishing rod is great for experienced anglers or kids looking to upgrade the child’s model for a real fishing rod combo. Ugly Stiks are available in a variety of different models, featuring a strong and flexible construction. 

In this article, we’ll share the pros and cons of using an Ugly Stik fishing rod and help you decide whether you should invest in Ugly Stiks or not. 

What Is an Ugly Stik Rod?

The first Ugly Stik rod was developed in 1976 when William Shakespeare, Jr. discovered how to create a lighter and more durable rod with a very sensitive flexible tip. The Ugly Stik rods were affordable from the start, making them a go-to choice for working men.

The Ugly Stik’s secret to success lies in the Howald Process of construction. This patented construction process makes the fishing rod virtually unbreakable but sensitive enough to catch the fish. 

Newer Ugly Stik fishing rods have the same lightweight construction and sturdiness as the original model and improved weight and balance thanks to new technologies. Shakespeare Ugly Stik rods are available in various models, from affordable spinning rods to heavy-duty surf fishing rods. 

There are many different types of Ugly Stik rods depending on grip styles and materials making it easier for anglers to find a rod that feels comfortable in their hand. The Ugly Stik rods are also available in different weights, lengths, and activity levels.

What Are Ugly Stik Rods Best For?

Designed to be extremely durable and withstand the most aggressive fish, the Ugly Stik rods are the best choice for anglers looking for sturdy and affordable fishing gear. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and like to go for a tough catch, the Ugly Stik rods won’t disappoint. 

These rods are made from one piece of graphite blank that won’t break, no matter how much it twists or bends. Paired with s high-quality rod reel and braided or monofilament fishing line, the Ugly Stik will help you reel in a big fish securely.

Advantages of Using Ugly Stik Rods

Look no further than the Shakespeare Ugly Stik fishing rod if you like to catch big fish. Besides being able to withstand the toughest and biggest fish, there are other benefits of fishing an Ugly Stik:


Ever since this company made the first Ugly Stik, these rods have remained one of the most affordable fishing rods on the market. This company has been producing very durable rods for years, and it’s hard finding another fishing equipment company that offers a similar value for the money.


The best thing about Ugly Stik rods is that they are virtually unbreakable. A single Ugly Stik rod can last you a very long time, even if you prefer chasing after big fish, like Pacific halibut

Ugly Stik rods have a well-reinforced construction that’s hard to break, and the rod requires minimal maintenance after you buy it. 


The patented process of construction makes Ugly Stik rods incredibly flexible. If you try, you’d probably manage to bend the rod into a circle without breaking it.

Flexibility, as a feature, is very important if you’re planning to catch big fish. When a big fish fights hard, a stiff rod might break under pressure, while a flexible Ugly Stik won’t.


Over the years, the Ugly Stik company has managed to create several product ranges to cater to every angler’s needs. From the Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod to Ugly Stik Elite Casting Rod there are many different types of fishing rods to choose from. 

Disadvantages of Using Ugly Stik Rods

Although Ugly Stik rods offer many benefits, they also come with some cons. The biggest drawbacks of using an Ugly Stik fishing rod are:


The Ugly Stik is a heavy-action rod that may cause muscle fatigue while fishing. If you’re planning a long day on the water, holding a heavy Ugly Stik rod will eventually tire you out and affect your ability to reel in a big fish.

Decreased Sensitivity

Ugly Stiks are solid and durable fishing rods, but they lack the sensitivity of lighter models. Even the lightest Ugly Stik rod may weigh more than some other rods on the market, making it harder for anglers to feel when the fish is biting. 

Is Ugly Stiks Unbreakable?

The Ugly Stik rods are one of the toughest on the market and are practically unbreakable. 

Customer protection activists have performed many tests on these rods to see what it takes to destroy one. These tests concluded that Ugly Stik rods could break, but not under normal fishing conditions. 

The only times when an Ugly Stik broke were when the hook was attached to a moving car, and while raising power tools in the air. 

These durable rods come in many different models and can meet your fishing needs. Best of all, you can throw an Ugly Stik rod in the boat or back of your truck without worrying that it will break if stepped on. 


The Ugly Stik company makes extremely durable fishing rods suitable for challenging conditions and reeling in massive catches. Ugly Stik fishing rods are designed to withstand even the toughest fights put on by big fish and are virtually unbreakable. 

Although Ugly Stiks are one of the strongest rods on the market, they are very affordable and available to the average angler. Whether you like to catch big fish or are looking for a strong rod for choppy waters, the Ugly Stik is a perfect choice.